Monday, January 29, 2007

Quick, Random Sunday Observations

Guys who walk around with their pant-crotches hanging at their knees look just like they're tall dwarves. Is that the goal here?

At lunch yesterday, Z-boy flung his hands out while explaining something. I snapped my head back to avoid being hit (notice how my KenPo blocking has become so ingrained????) and pulled a muscle. Z-boy said I needed to stretch my neck, then proceeded to demonstrate by whipping his head towards all four corners of the compass. Then he drew me this little instructional pamphlet:
Gently, I explained to him that whipping your head around wasn't stretching, and that you should never do that backwards unless you do it VERY slowly. You see, there's this injury called "whiplash"...


quinn said...

LOL...i had more fun being the snoop.....lets see....

kid finger
sm fries
sm drink
Rg plane jane ( what ever that is?)
something i have never heard of
potato chip
med drink
tasty kake??


Sayre said...

The restaurant was Philly Connection, which specializes in philly steak and cheese sandwiches. The "plain Jane" is just meat and cheese (no onions or peppers).

Tasty Kake is kind of like a Hostess-type snack cake, but 100 times better! We shared that one.

Sayre said...

Oh, and the something you never heard of? **blush** extra cheese.

nikki said...

i love the demonstration pamphlet! so cute! (besides the whole wiplash aspect)

quinn said...

hahahahaha ...thanks for the clarification sayre...too much fun !!!!

I'm such a snoop eh.

Kristen said...

Hi! I figured I'd stop in and say hello! I saw you on Oh the joys comments. I live in FL too.

Kevin Charnas said...

Oh man...yep, I think that I gave myself a taste of whiplash this morning sneezing.

Sayre said...

I hope no SUVs were injured during that sneeze!!!!