Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shopping for Black

I have a funeral to go to tomorrow. And nothing to wear. So after work today, I went shopping for black. Unless you're going to a party, there's no such thing.

Everything I saw had rhinestones or other frippery on it - terribly unsuitable. Dresses were even worse. I'm sure the 92 year old man whose funeral I'm attending would be thrilled to see me there in a cocktail dress cut down to there and emblazoned with fake diamonds... All I would need to complete the ensemble would be spike heels and fishnet stockings!

I finally found a very plain black knit shirt with 3/4 sleeves. I will wear it with a chocolate brown skirt and a jacket that has both colors in it. Not very funereal, but better than showing up in spangles.

I wonder if there would be a market for "Suitable Attire", a shop that caters to the must-have outfits to go with the daily work of living. There would be a funeral section, a wedding section, a graduation section, and a first day of work section. Note: with the exception of first day of work, YOU are not the main attraction of the event. You are guest and someone else is (or should be) in the spotlight.

Because I never know what to wear to these things, and stores as they are now, are of no help whatsoever.


Jeff said...

Sounds like a million dollar idea. Black isn't used in funerals as readily as it used to be. Now it is usually only mandated by widows and possibly children of the deceased. You will look fine!

Janet said...

Wow. I always feel like I have an overabundance of all things black. Now if teal was the new funeral color, I'd be in trouble.:)