Friday, February 09, 2007

Getting old is a bitch - and apparently so am I

First, my sincere apologies to Anonymous in the comments of the Olga post. And to Alpha Gamma Deltas everywhere. Or at least the ones who weren't the owners of the DELTA GAMMA cars that were parked out front a couple of days ago.

First Anonymous took me to task, saying that that figure was a Delta, not an Alpha. Then my MOM called me up and did the same thing (and she's older than I am). I refered to my handwritten notes, which clearly had an Alpha written on them. So I went back to my one sort-of-clear shot of the insignia, blew it way-the-hell up and....

Delta Gamma

I'll be damned. I literally smelled sulpher.

NOTE TO SELF: Do not take down info in the dark unless you have photographic evidence to back it up. And if you have said-backup, LOOK AT IT before you make an ass of yourself.

So, being the grown-up, adult-like person that I am, I make my apologies here and will make my formal apologies to the Alpha Gamma Delta HQ and local chapter.

Beware righteous anger... it shall come back to bite thee on the ass.


nikki said...

honest mistake babe!! and you're making things right! just blame it on being too tired from those assphats keeping you up all night.

ablondeblogger said...

Oh screw them (the other people, not your mom, lol)

Me said...

Righteous anger - I know thee well...
HOnest mistake thgough.