Sunday, February 18, 2007

Medical Woes

Damn. Things are not going so well. I went to the doctor on Valentine's Day for my annual checkup - when tends to get lost in all the other doctor visits that I have to make. So the first thing that happens is I get my blood pressure taken. 180/112. Not good. In fact, my doctor said, upon seeing this that my veins and arteries must be in pretty good shape because otherwise I'd be in the hospital with a stroke. Good news indeed. He also wanted to know what kind of stress I was under because a resting BP like that was not good. Blame it on the boys next door. If they aren't actively making noise and waking me up, I'm awake anticipating the noise. We may have to move just because of this!

So he asked me what all was going on with me and I started recounting my stomach issues, the reflux problems, and so on and so on. The fact that I feel exhausted ALL THE TIME, mostly due to lack of sleep or anxiety.

He looked at my skin and noted several places that were severely scratched - my skin itches ALL THE TIME. I try not to scratch, have lathered on the moisturizers but I can't stop myself when I'm asleep. Another stress symptom? Perhaps.

Also had my P&P, which was rather uneventful, except for that patch of skin that doesn't look right - I go back for a biopsy on Monday.

Sigh. Am I falling apart faster than is normal????? I turn 45 next month. That's not all that old, is it? At least for these problems?

So I now have so many pills that I'm going to have to chart the darned things out so that I don't forget/miss any. Some with food. Some avoid food. Some morning. Some night. Some with applesauce and aspirin. Some three times a day. And the really fun, nasty-tasting super pill for whatever infections you might have that the doctor doesn't know what is happens twice a day with food for the next 10 days. It is NOT your ordinary antibiotic - it's an ANTI-INFECTIVE. Whatever that means. One thing it does mean is NO alcohol at all while taking it or for three days afterwards. Not that I drink, but damn!

Oh, well.... at least I've got my little yellow pills.


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Oh does sound like it was not such a good day. I hope all turns out ok. I also had a biopsy done a few months ago, and all we well. (They are most likely doing it as a precaution, so keep that in mind)

Keep up the positive attitude. (And plan a HUGE bash for yourself next month)


quinn said...

awwwww poor you !! fair..Personally I am more concerned over your BP than the biopsy..I also suffer from High Blood Pressure..right now I am on a very high dosage diaretic to help control it...Which is good but now I have to pee ALL the freain time...

Take care of yourself..take all your meds..even the yucky tasting is important that you take care of you...

Keep me posted..
p.s. I know the feeling old thing..I am almost 43...ouch that hurt seeing it in print...

Alice in Wonderbread said...

Oh we age all sorts of unexpected medical issues come up. I'm sorry so many lept on you all at once. I'm really happy to hear you're following instructions and getting tests. There may also be naturopathic ways to combat high blood pressure.

And keep in mind of all the positive things you're doing which will inevitably cause better health for you- your excersize, your creative outlets you hadn't done before.

I'm really sorry to hear you have such a stressful living situation with the loud neighbors. Conflict and lack of sleep....not fun! I think you're correct that that is a big part of the BP spike.

min said...

I love all my blogger friends but am especially fond of the over forty group. I can so relate to everything you're going through. I'm older than you, so I'm even more of a wreck physically, but all things considered...aren't we lucky?

nikki said...

babe, you and i are floating in the same boat and seem to have lost the oars.

if anyone finds a set, can you please deliver them to us? we'd certainly apprecaite it. thanks!