Monday, February 19, 2007

Not ready for Grey's Anatomy.... yet!

I called my mother this morning, who was VERY upset to read my "Medical Woes" post of a couple of days ago. She's my mom - why wouldn't she be? As it happened, I was on my way to the doctor for my biopsy when I called her. I tried to sound upbeat and promised to call her back when I was done.

She got the update on the phone, and I'll give you one here. BP has come down - 130/70. It's still not ideal, but the Lotrel seems to work really well for me. Doc asked about whether I was using the steriod cream on my skin (for the intense itchies), to which I said no. Things seem to have calmed down a bit. Could that be related to my stress issues? Possibly. I will post shortly about stress issues and possible resolutions.

The biopsy itself wasn't bad. A little shot of lydocaine (how's that spelled, anyway???) and a blade that felt mostly hot (the needle hurt more) and I was done. A little shave and a haircut - a dab of antibiotic cream and a bandaid (down there????) and I was good to go.

I still don't feel anything, but I don't think the lydocaine has worn off yet. I may be a screaming bitch in a few hours, who knows????

After that, I went to get my blood test for the ulcer stuff and when I came out, it was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! So instead of going to work, I went to Lowe's garden center and bought 4 containers of yellow bush daisies and two containers of purple plumbago for Z-boy's garden, and 4 knockout roses for my big bed. Then I went back for paint chips, some gardening implements (Z-boy now has his own so he can work his own bed), a weed swing, and some stripper (which I will try on our hardwood floors in the family room).

God, I love spring!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for all your medical woes. And a very big YES goes to a rise in BP from lack of sleep and hydration. I am glad that it is now down and perhaps that you are feeling better.
Your gardening should help you to relax some.
As for your neighbors, I could send Dakota down for a visit as he would love to do a little explosives training. Hahaha.
He is only there in his mind just yet but hey what a thought? Combative night noise.

Hope all finishes well for you.

quinn said...

First I just have to say nice it is that you have such a family that truly cares...that is awesome. To know that your mom's concern for your health is true concern for YOUR health and not like some out there that see it as some way to get sympathy for themselves.///

I am glad the Bp is down..if the steroid cream doesnt work..,my doctor gave me a cortizoid cream for mysterious winter itch I have too...

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Hi again.

I'm glad your biopsy is done and over with. I am crossing my fingers that all is well, and that you won't have to worry about all these things anymore... spring is on its way, and that can only be a good thing! Besides, you're the Aries, remember, the sign of fire? Nothing can stand in your way :-)


nikki said...

sending happy healthy thoughts your way!

and out of curiosity, what the hell is this "spring" you mentioned?

Nikki said...

Just so you're not allowed to be haven't asked my all tests will come back fine.

Don't you feel all better now?

...and SPRING?????

I still have 1/4 inch of ice in my yard....but that didn't stop me from buying seeds for the vegitable garden and the flower bed on Sat ;D

Me said...

I am glad your biopsy came back ok...I had to go back and read that again..

I am really glad it's all fine...and to echo, nikki, SPRING????
what, i want spring too...this winter must end now.

Sayre said...

Spring: When the plants begin to flower and the temperatures supposedly begin to rise above freezing overnight and into the 60s or 70s during the day. At least that's our definition around here. And since that's our definition, it is DEFINITELY spring. At least in North Florida. Sometimes. High tomorrow is supposed to be 74.

I'm sorry. For you all, anyway.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I couldn't quite figure out how to get the bandaid on this morning, so I just did the Neosporin thing and hoped for the best. Which was pretty good until a couple of hours ago. Don't think I'm gonna KenPo tonight. Feels like someone lit a match down there. Ouch!

Nikki said...


Color me green.

You suck. LOL

Nikki said...


Color me green.

You suck. LOL

Jeff said...

Moms are moms. I am praying for things to right themselves soon for you.

Me said...

74...north florida...
I've heard tell there are places that has 74, but I don't believe it.