Sunday, February 18, 2007

Six Years and Counting

This year, I volunteered to do the cake. It's what grandmas do. I told her mother that I'd make one or buy one, whichever she wanted, so Miss Kylee picked out her cake at the grocery store bakery.

Ta-da! The Disney Princess Castle Cake!

The last time I paid that much for a cake it was for my wedding.

We gathered at the in-laws house for the party. Bubbe & Pop. Kurt & Patty & Kylee. Darling Man's Ex-Wife, Betsy. Me, Darling Man, and Z-boy. A perfect-sized party for a school night.

IMG_1764 IMG_1765

A rousing game of Yahtzee between Betsy and the kids eventually disintegrated into building with dice. But that's okay - it was just killing time until...

party kylee and zach

...the candles were blown out and everyone dove into the CAKE!

But soon thereafter, Kylee said she was "sugared out".

IMG_1776 IMG_1777

In fact, it laid her flat out.

While we were waiting for her to recover, Z-boy and Kurt had a scary-face contest.

kia IMG_1793

Finally, she came around (and avoided being stepped on)in time to open some presents.


We had some quiet winding down time. Betsy showed Pop the photo album of Katie's wedding (one of her daughters).


Kurt & Patty were happy that things worked out the way they did.


And we took a picture of Kylee with the natural grandparents (as opposed to me, the UNnatural grandparent - hahahahaha!).


All in all, I'd say our Princess had a pretty good birthday.


Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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min said...

She's a beautiful princess!!