Saturday, February 03, 2007

The War is Over (Skirmishes continue)

Not the BIG WAR (with the Party Boys next door), but the Fur Wars. A truce has been declared between three of the parties. The fourth, French, is still launching small skirmishes in an effort to establish world domination. This war may be won next week, when small countries Misha and Tottie go get fixed....


In fact, negotiations went SO well, that one of the participants actually fell asleep during peace talks:


In other news, can government officials explain the new product-labeling laws:


Why is there an added sticker with the english words "cooking direction" and then the directions in Korean - covering up the real directions - also in Korean?????


Kevin Charnas said...

I think that it's because they're instructing you to add the ingredients of the subjects of the previous pictures in the recipe and they're afraid to really tell you.

quinn said...

OMG lol kevin..ahahhahahaha too freakin funny ....and might I ad completely not very PC

ablondeblogger said...

You should burn yourself, tell them you tried to follow the directions in Korean and it caused the burn, then sue for millions! It'll totally be worth the burn, lol.

Cute kitty cats, btw!

min said...

I love your Peaceable Kingdom!

Dried mushrooms keep pretty well. Why don't you sign up for the language course and serve them at your graduation.

Jenny said...

I could spend a week curled up in the kitty comforter.

And I'll have a cup of soup. No kitty parts please.

Nikki said...


jedimerc said...

Maybe cats should direct foreign policy... they would get all fired up about invading someone, then decide it was time for a nap, then forget about it the next way. Imagine if the UN had nap time (or nap corner for bad nations :)