Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bouncing in my seat

I'm so excited! We made our offer today and put up escrow money. The offer was kind of low, but between the carpet, the paint, and an old roof that will probably be needing to be replaced in a couple of years, it's probably a good starting offer.

I didn't really take many pictures yesterday. I was busy feeling the space, but I did take a couple... The paint is not white, but an odd aqua green that's really light. Combined with the green carpet, which is a deeper version of the same color, the rooms seem a bit smaller than they really are. But I can fix that.

This is the familyroom. Standing in the kitchen and zoomed in a little. There's a nice sliding glass door to the back porch which makes things much lighter.

My friend Kelly checks out the window treatments in the dining room. It's a little smaller than our current diningroom, but I think the dimensions might be better.
Very busy wall paper in the half-bath. It's busier in the full baths. All of it comes down. I don't care for wallpaper anyway, and I really don't see why it goes in bathrooms. Here in the south, it's so humid you must spend half your time pasting the stuff back up...

This is me. I am one happy cat.

All prayers, charms, luck, crossed fingers and wishes accepted.

We should hear something by 6pm tomorrow and we'll know where to go from there.

Boing, boing, boing! Boing, boing, boing! Shhh... calm down, Sayre. You need to get some rest now. Good luck!


Mel said...

You don't mind if I bounce too, right? Because I'm SO excited for you... wow!

Me said...

All the very best...and hope you get it. Am so excited!!!

Anna said...

Fingers crossed.... it looks great!!

New houses are exciting :)

nikki said...

yeah! yeah!

who-who-who, bouncing's what tiggers do best!

now come my way and vote!

Nikki said...

I'm bouncing right with you!

I love the pic with the back porch showing, it looks great - a good space.

fingers, toes, legs, arms and boobs are crossed for you (but please let us know soon - the boob thing hurts)

quinn said...

Sounds awesome sayre...keeping fingers crossed and all except boobs...nikki said that hurts so I will take her word for it..good luck.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!
The Atlanta branch will keep our collective fingers crossed for you! BTW, are you going to the Leon High School reunion in April?


Sayre said...

Thanks everyone. This has been a long time coming - with lots of sweat, tears and doing without. Finally a home we can stay in for a long, long time!

I've been thinking about it, John. I'm not sure what will be going on at that point, but I thought I'd check it out. Are you coming down????