Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dancin' to the Music

I came home from seeing a movie with Z-boy and Darling Man had my new B-52s "Cosmic Thing" cd on (I looked all over for it!!!). Well, of course Z-boy and I had to join in. A dancefest ensued!

We are not "Dancing with the Stars" dancers - we're more like natives-around-the-fire dancers. Lots of jumping around and arms waving and necks jerking. Don't get too close because you might get hurt.
IMG_1982 IMG_1980 IMG_1981

And of course when you're all done dancing - it's time to wrestle!

In the Cradle

I am not a good dancer. But I have a stable of movie scenes that make me want to get up out of my chair and move.

Who could resist Ferris Bueller?

Twist and Shout

Or wanted to be Baby?
Dirty Dancing

Or turned a major disadvantage into a triumph?
Knight's Tale

It's an expression of life, of joy, of love. Everybody dance, NOW!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Ha! I love it!

Oh and I always dance when Ferris Bueller comes on.