Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get out the Vote!!!!

See that beautiful, elegant lady in the orangy-yellow box? That's Mel of Melanie in Orygun. She needs your help. As an under-employed lady and mother of two, she's looking for innovative ways to make ends meet. And somehow stumbled across this Blog-for-a-Year contest in which the winner (by voting) will actually be PAID to blog for an entire year. If you visit her blog, you will see that a job like that would be right up Mel's alley.

You can help Mel get the job of her dreams (at least for a year) by clicking on this badge, or the one on my sidebar and voting for Melanie. You can do this once a day!!! If you read my blog, you probably read hers too. Show her the love, people!

...and if you want to help Mel on your own blog, click on the badge and get your own for your blog.


Patience said...

Okay. So I clicked on the Blog For A Year and got a "this page cannot be displayed" error. So I went to her blog, clicked on it and got the same error. Is it me??

Sayre said...

I'm not sure what the problem is - it worked yesterday. I guess the main site is down, because I tried going straight to and got the same result. Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch and things will be back up and running soon! Just don't forget about Melanie!!!

Patience said...

Hey Okay !! It worked this time!

Groovy Lady said...

It worked for me on the first try.. so my vote is in and I'll return tomorrow to vote again like it suggested. :)

Mel said...

Sayre, I thought I'd commented on this post already! WTF?
Well, okay, then - THANK YOU! You wonderful woman, you.