Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nikki!

It's Nikki's birthday (Now What the Hell Do I Do on the blogroll). In honor of her big day, Elvis is making a special guest appearance on my blog to sing the birthday song and wish his princess the best day ever (and the best night too!). Such devotion. So ya'll pop over to Nikki's blog and wish her happy birthday...

Have fun in Chicago!


nikki said...

awwwwwwww, well shucks. this is the best birthday wish ever! thank you!
the King and cake! who could ask for anything more?

Kevin Charnas said...

Thanks for the heads up, I'm on my way!

Sadie said...

Hi, I saw your site on another blogs comments and with the photo of the cat I thought you might enjoy this one:

From your comment in your blog it looks like you are having problems understanding Blog Roller. I am having problems. I don't understand it.

Oh I am not Sadie I am Bill but I am surfing for Sadie while she is sitting on my shoulder and watching.

Best Wishes

Oh, The Joys said...

Awesome - I'm off!

Stephanie said...


I'm banned from Nikki's site from work. (And Typepad,too. Sucks.)

I'll go when I get home.

LOVE your tribute!

Momish said...

I will have to check it out!

the night owl said...

Happy Birthday Nikki,...I am a BIG fan of Elvis!! I saw him in person
when I was 15 years old. A long..
long time again.Come visit me.

ablondeblogger said...

Sayre, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! Rob also felt worse while they were treating him for GERD and he also had major breathing problems. He sees a pulmonologist next week (finally!). If you have the time and wouldn't mind, can you shoot me and email and let me know what it was that made you feel worse and what your symptoms were?

Thanks! And happy birthday to Nikki!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday, Nikki! - in case you stop by here before I get there! :)