Friday, March 02, 2007

Jumping in Place

Closer. Closer. Closer!!!!

We got a response to our offer today. Made another counter offer. I think I will get my price, but we are already within our comfort zone, so I'd say it's about a done deal. Hope to close in mid-April.... hurray!

Not concentrating on much else at the moment. Catching up at work after that extended time away - not easy when there's all this other stuff swirling around in my head. But getting there.

Signing papers in the morning. Sigh. Happy.


Mama C said...

Soooo jealous! Good luck with the house. It sounds like a good thing, quiet and relaxed. I'd love quiet and relaxed. With 2 young boys, though, never gonna happen!

Praying for your health.

quinn said...

HI sayre..sounds awesome!!!!!!!!
I am assuming that you are renting your present home because you have not mentioned having to list it etc...
That does make things so much easier. Things can get more complicated when you are both buying and selling at same time..

happy day for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!