Saturday, March 10, 2007

Looking Good in Orange

Okay, let me first tell you that this is not a fashion commentary. I personally believe almost everyone who is human looks HORRIBLE in orange unless you have a fantastic tan or naturally dark, golden skin, or that warm, burnished black skin.


As an accessory? Especially this kind? Gotta love it!

Darling Man tested for his orange KenPo belt. He went to the 10am class and Z-boy and I showed up around 12:30, near the end of the test. He was dripping sweat and wearing a huge grin. Of course he passed! He's been working so hard. Master Jerry is thrilled to have him as a student.

Everybody was happy - love the grin on the gal standing in front of Darling Man.

The testing class. I wish I'd been a part of it. I'd be stylin' an orange belt my own self right now if various health stuff hadn't slowed me down. But I'm proud of these guys. I know most of them - the two kids are in Z-boy's class, and a couple of the adults go to different classes than I do, but Ian (far left looking like a very weary Obi Wan), John (behind the little Chinese girl), Ice Ice Baby (don't know his name but his "sound" is "ice", which always sets my brain off on a Vanilla Ice tangent), and the yellow-belt girl second from the right that I call Mikey-girl are all in my class (and Darling Man, of course).

I'm back in class on Tuesday, all drugs finally gone from my body and ready to get back in the swing of things. I have an appointment with my surgeon on March 27th, but I'm not sure when the surgery itself will be. In the meantime, I plan to get as far back to fighting shape as possible so that once the surgery and recovery are done, I'll be right there, ready to test for my own orange belt.

I'm so jealous. And so proud! Way to go, baby!


quinn said...

Congratulations on the orange belt!! Job well done!!

coincidentally my son was at a grading today ..he was asked again not only to be there to help but also to "pad-up" and to spar against a gentleman there who was testing for his brown belt...

Of course he was there !!! He had a great time and he was given the honour of tying on the newly earned brown belt onto this gentleman. whoohoooo!!!

I wish I had gone to get photos..there is usually a man that comes in to photograph the gradings but I didn't know until after that he was out of town and not there this time..I would have gone to take photos..oh well..

MY son has only been at this club since early september and has recently completely 100 teaching classes...he has written his essay on why he believes he should become a team leader...

One of the senseis pulled me aside the other day and said he will likely not be team leader but be granted the next level of assistant instructor because he is already a black belt and team leader is apparently for we will know in a couple of weeks since the essay is to be read by all the senseis including the master sensei..

IN the meantime he continues to train for many things..mainly working toward his ADULT black belt as well as a huge tournament in 2 weeks then followed the week after that of regional tryouts for team canada.

I hope you get all fixed up soon and will be bosting new pics of you in a new belt..!!! have a good day

Janet said...

I have no idea what level an orange belt is, but it means he's working his way up in the karate world, and that's all that matters. Well that and your speedy recovery, too. :)

min said...

I'm so proud of you and Darling Man (Even though your belt is still folded up in some drawer somewhere). What a great feeling to have come so far. You both have way too much patience you ought to