Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Revenge is MINE!!!!!!

During the attempted clean up of Z-boy's room, that damned Chia alarm clock was unearthed yet again. Hammers couldn't kill that thing. And while it was in a box in the closet, it would go off every morning around 8:20 in a muffled, undemanding sort of way. Once out of the box though, you couldn't shut the thing up. It would go off every hour. I swear the thing is possessed.

That night, my husband decided to sleep in Z-boy's room because I hadn't gotten around to putting the clean sheets back on OUR bed and he had to get up early the next morning. So he climbed into the bed, turned out the lights and dozed off.... Only to be awakened quite rudely by "Ch-ch-ch-CHIA! Ch-ch-ch-CHIA!" A strangled scream brought Z-boy running. He retrieved the alarm clock and brought it to me for safe keeping (HA!).

I promptly opened the back door and flung it blindly out into the bushes... towards the re-occupied home of the Party Boys.

Yeah. I'm evil that way.

Ch-ch-ch-chia now lives in our side yard under an azalea bush, merrily going off every few hours in a voice that cannot be ignored. Take that, Party Boys.


Liane Michel said...

Jason has a watch that does the same thing. I dont' know where it is but I hear the alarm when it goes off every hour. Of course I am too lazy to actually go and find the watch so I continue to listen to the dang thing over and over... wondering why I haven't bothered to find it. It's a viscious cycle.

Billy Mac said...

I'll have your blog critiue up today...I don't know why the email wasn't going thru...check out your critique at www.critiquemyblog.blogspot.com

Have a great day!

nikki said...

ha! too bad you couldn't shove it up their ass.


Jeff said...

chia-pet alarm $14.99
cup of water $.004
chucking that bugger out for your enemies to sweat PRICELESS

Nikki said...


I wish I could see their faces when they are stoned out of thier gourds and hear CHA CHA CHA CHIA!

OMG. Set up a camera would you? LOL

B said...

totally hilarious. i would love to do that to some people... *evil laugh*

Janet said...

An alarm clock that could not be silenced reminds me of the old childhood toy, Teddy Ruxpin. Weird I know, but I remember a friend of mine had one growing up. Even after putting him in a closet, he still wanted to be our "friend". LOL

Factor 10 said...

Can we get more of those?
Scatter them around the yard, maybe put one in the dryer vent or a/c duct?

Apricoco said...

oh my gosh...so funny. They deserve it. What asshats... If I had to live next door to them I would have strangled them by now. Good for you!

Stephanie said...


Hey, when you're done, dirtyunclemark needs to borrow that for the evil guls, and Melissa over at waking up astonished needs it for her evil neighbors. That is the coolest EVAH!