Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rock Star


The Fur Wars are over - and The French has won. He has decided that he LIKES having a
harem - even if he has no balls and his harem includes one eunich boy cat and two girls with no plumbing. Because the fact is, French is King. When he struts into their presence, all the other cats stop whatever they are doing and look at him, then follow him. He may deign to go nose to nose, or let someone rub on him, or lick Yoda's ears - but he is still King, and NO ONE ever forgets it.


Oh, yes.

IMG_1894 EQUALS rock_star

Peace at last.

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B said...

i love your cats. i used to have four, now i'm down to 3, they are my babies, my family, my life, my peace.