Friday, March 09, 2007

So you think you know me...

I like to visit other blogs. I've found some real gems just by checking out the people who comment on my blog or on other blogs that I visit. Vancouver Mermaid (see blogroll) is a fairly new addition to my list of favorites. Last night when I went to visit her, I found this on her blog:

Girls, when you leave a comment on this post, I will reply with these 5 things about you:

1. I will tell you what song makes me think of you.
2. I will tell you what tatoo I think would suit you.
3. I will tell you my first opinion of you.
4. I will tell you the color or flavor of jello that I'd wrestle you in.
5. I will give you a nickname.

Now, if you're a new reader and I don't know you very well, I may not do all of them for you, but I'll try. Only one catch. If I do this, you must post it on your blog. You must. It is written.

So of course I had to be the first one to raise my hand... And Vancouver Mermaid wrote:

Sayre - HOW BRAVE! First one up:

Laugh Often

1. AND THE CAT CAME BACK... - because the first couple of times I read your blog, there were lotsa cat pictures.
I remember this song from "Zoom" way back when. It's not on YouTube, but there are several versions there. I got a kick out of trying to find it...


2.Betty Boop - she's always got those big eyes batting up at everyone.
Are you implying that I am a flirt???? Okay, well, maybe...


3. I thought you were a retiree from Florida (Then I started reading your blog - man, was I wrong. HAHA)
I get re-tired everyday, but not permanently!!! One day, this will be me - for about 5 minutes, which is about how long I can relax and not jump into some project...

4.We'd wrestle in yellow jello. Mmm... you like banana flavor?

Okay... I looked for pictures but didn't find one that was, uh, suitable. Do you have a blow up pool in your back yard???

FBI patch

5.F.B.I. should be your nickname (Fabulous Beautiful Intelligent) Ah - this would be in honor of my snooping after my PartyBoy neighbors? Or just because I am FBI!

This was fun, Michelle!!!!


Jeff said...

I am familiar with that post. I was left out on account of my extra appendage. :)

Kevin Charnas said...

Banana flavor? Can we add vodka for a little something extra?

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Sayre - WOW..look at how nice you made it all look!!

You are FBI in my books :-)