Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Break continues

Some days just don't work out exactly the way you think they will. Like today. I've been staying home with Z-boy and working from home during this spring break, but sometimes you just need to go into the office. Today was one such day. I didn't have to be there long, but I did need to go print some stuff out, collect a couple of packages, turn in timesheets - you know stuff like that....

Darling Man came home from work around 10am to take over the Z-boy duty, so I could go to work. I was about to get into a VERY hot tub of water to try to loosen my legs up, so I wasn't ready to go the second he walked in.

I did KenPo last night and was again the senior member of the class. Last night, we got to practice hitting and kicking... each other. Pads were handed out, but we were an odd-numbered class, so I worked the bag instead of hitting a person. One of the instructors would call out each kick or strike and the class would do it. Then they'd switch who was holding the pad and do it all over again. Me? I just did it all twice. I struck twice as much; kicked twice as much. Then we practiced blocks - for real. Well, a punching bag can't punch me, so I worked out with Mr. Chad - who I secretly call Mr. Intensity. He has intense blue eyes and a manner that reminds you of a cobra ready to strike. After I got to know him a little, I also discovered that he's an excellent teacher and has a real soft spot for kids. I was very impressed when he took the time to teach Z-boy how to tie his shoes (a feat we'd been attempting for a year or so with little success). Anyway, I was paired up with Mr. Intensity and he would punch at me so I could block him. Then we moved to blocks and counterstrikes. One of the reasons I like working with him is that he explains things in a way that I understand immediately what he's talking about. By the time we finished, my arms felt bruised, but I was blocking and countering very smoothly and quickly.

But this morning? I could barely move. My legs screamed at me every time I tried to make them do something - and so the bath. I soaked for about 20 minutes and it did help. At least I could walk when I was done! But it also made me have to hurry to get to work before the timesheets had to go in. I quickly kissed my guys goodbye as they were packing up ice chests - they were going to the beach!

I filled out my timesheet and turned it in - then wound up staying an hour and a half longer than I'd planned because there was all kinds of catching up to do. Not just work stuff either. People had to be caught up with. As a result, I didn't get the kitchen painted, or the bathroom cleaned, or all the laundry folded. I did manage to sweep off my bed, which seems to accumulate sand for some reason, and make it, then start a load of laundry before the phone rang.

Darling Man and Z-boy were on their way home. Kurt and Kylee (who met them at the beach) were coming to the house for dinner because they'd caught a Pompano! Wow. I haven't had pompano since before we were married, so this was really cool. I made pudding, cheese grits, mac & cheese (Z-boy doesn't always eat fish), green beans and salads to go with the fish. It was all mostly ready when Darling Man, Z-boy and Kylee walked in (she wanted to ride with them). Kurt was about 10 minutes behind. Immediately, the kids headed for the livingroom and my stack of moving boxes.
They managed to trash the livingroom in two seconds flat and were warned not to break or bend the boxes on pain of death. (And yes, Kate - that's a stocking on the wall and a wreath on the other wall. My husband isn't the only one who is decoration-removal impaired).

When Kurt arrived, we all piled outside to admire the fish.
IMG_2053 IMG_2054

Then got down to the somewhat gruesome business of getting it ready to cook.

IMG_2058 IMG_2059

I'm not overly fond of the beheading and gutting of fish, so I went back inside to check on my contributions to the feast.

IMG_2057 IMG_2060

And the final product - my dinner. It was really, really good! It's been a while since I had freshly caught fish... or cheese grits for that matter.

We had a great time together. The food was wonderful. The kids were happy. So I guess that while things didn't go as planned, I can't complain about how things turned out either!

Those walls can wait until tomorrow, or this weekend.


nikki said...

okay, i'm hungry now.

Me said...

Me too. And I am inspired to do KenPo too now.

Me said...

Me too. And I am inspired to do KenPo too now.

Nikki said...

glad you enjoyed the can have mine (see how I assume you saved some for me ;D )

nikki said...

Hey, in case you didn't notice, Stephanie from Mama Drama tagged you. (if I have to do it, then so do you!)

ablondeblogger said...

I know what you mean by that leg pain, though I'm sure mine paled in comparison to yours. I got this exercise ball and workout DVD and I literally yelled "ouch" up and down each stair the two days after that workout. KILLED my legs!

By the way...Rob saw the pulmonologist this week finally. He and his new primary doctor agree he has lung damage from acid reflux. The pulm. doctor did tests no other doctor has done and determined Rob only has 67% lung fuction and asthma from the reflux damage.

So much for it all being in his head. I'm still so mad at those asshats at the hospital!


Me said...

I keep coming back to look at that fish. i am fresh fish starved I am, living in landlocked smalltownamerica. Sigh.
Going to get some today from somewhere, anywhere.

Janet said...

Pompano? I never heard of it before. But judging by context clues and the pictures I'm assuming it's some kind of fish. I love good fish. It's yummy.:)