Saturday, March 10, 2007

What kind of car are YOU?

I'm a Chevrolet Corvette!

You're a classic - powerful, athletic, and competitive. You're all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Wow. When I first saw my result, I laughed. Me? A CORVETTE???? But then I saw the description of why that car is me - and, well... if the leather bucket seat fits...

My mom sent this to me - she's a Mazda RX-7. Gotta go see what that means (but I have my own ideas - that's the car with the rotary engine... does that mean she goes 'round in circles????).

EDIT: Mom's an RX-8, not a 7. What's an RX-8?


Alice in Wonderbread said...

I took it-

I'm a Mazda RX-8 like Mom:

"You're sporty, yet practical, and you have a style of your own. You like to have fun, and you like to bring friends along for the ride, but when it comes time for everyday chores, you're willing to do your part."

Anonymous said...

I'm a Mustang for whatever that's worth..Dad

min said...

Like Mom, I'm a Mazda...but I'm a MIATA! Is that good?

Anonymous said...

Also a mustang... just like the old man. Of course, my trunk is not as big... :D