Tuesday, March 13, 2007


What do these pictures have in common?

The fist in the air - the grin on the face.

TRIUMPH! An enormous sense of accomplishment!

This is me today. I went back to KenPo for my first class in over a month. I was the senior student today (odd), but being in first position made it even more triumphant to me. I did the jumping jacks. I did the pushups. I did the crunches and dirty dogs. I did the 4 point kicks. I did it all - and didn't pass out or throw up.

I took it slowly... the guys next to me appeared to be in "fast-forward" at times compared to my "play", but I did my class, practiced my forms, and worked out with Ian. We're all yellow belts now, but I forget sometimes that THEY only just became yellow belts last Saturday. I've been one for nearly three months.

I guess I'll be one for another three or so months, until the next test. Somewhere in that time I'll have my second biopsy and recovery, but when my Orange test comes around, I-will-be-ready.

Fist in air, baby. I feel better already!


nikki said...

you kick ass!

Me said...

You go!!!
And i hope you continue to feel better everyday!

Me said...

Gosh. I have tons of catching up to do. So many posts...:)

Jeff said...

Hey!! Good for you!