Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th?


Yoda's home!!!! And I wish he could talk.

After papering the neighborhood and crying enough to make my eyes ache, we had our little miracle. I was asleep around 6am, but I kept waking up thinking I was hearing him. I got up and checked the doors - No Yoda. I went back to bed (was up LATE last night) and fell asleep for about 5 minutes when I heard it again. Figuring that I was never going to get back to sleep now, I went and checked the doors again - and there he was. He sauntered in like nothing ever happened and I had that urge that all mothers get with their children - to hug them forever and never let them go - at the same time as trying not to strangle them for putting you through hell.

He's not quite right, though. He's not purring (usually it's constant) and he doesn't really want to be held. And, damn it, he wants to go back outside. Sigh. Now that I've seen him again, I suspect he may have been hiding out on a bad, blue-skink tail trip. And he's not quite back yet. Those can be quite nasty and we found the requisite skink missing its tale on the front walk late yesterday. Last time one of my cats did that it was an emergency trip to the animal hospital and a hefty bill. I guess Yoda saved me that at least - but I'd have gladly paid if I wouldn't have had to go through the heartache.

Thanks, everybody, for putting your two cents in with the man upstairs. I do believe he was listening...

I have never been superstitious. I'm not now, but other people believe in that stuff, and I think it makes them do things they otherwise wouldn't.

For years I've had a black cat that I brought in on Halloween, New Year's Eve and on Friday the 13th because I didn't want anyone to hurt my baby.

Last night, Yoda was doing the centerfold thing on the hood of my car and wouldn't budge for all the calling and cajoling in the world. So I shrugged my shoulders and left him out.

This morning, he failed to show up for breakfast. With this cat? That's a big deal.

I spent about an hour before going to work walking up and down my street calling his name. No response.

I came home from work early and put together a flyer, printed out several copies and put them on mailboxes up and down the street. Still calling for Yoda.

I went to get Z-boy from the bus stop and we came home and printed more fliers. We talked to neighbors, including the Party Boys next door! We went to the next street up and put more fliers on mailboxes.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten to your interview questions yet, interviewees. I've been busy walking the streets looking for my baby.


2 year old neutered male
Brown & Beige Tabby
He’s my fur baby… please call!

Please put in a good word for Yoda with the deity of your choice. I'm so scared that he's hurt or not coming home. I bottle fed this cat when he was rejected by his mama. He's just like my kid. He loves to be held, he loves to sleep with you, he purrs like nobody's business. He reaches up to you with his two front paws to be picked up just like a 2 year old. He's my baby. Please come home, Yoda.


quinn said...

ohhhhhh that is terrible..don't worry he will come home..He is after all YODA...he will "use the force"...
wishing him home safe and sound quickly.

Factor 10 said...

I second Quinn.
Come home he will.

ablondeblogger said...

Oh, Sayre, I am crying for you!!! How awful!!! Praying with all my might that he will be brought safely home to you.


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Awwww Sayre... How's Z-boy handling this? I know my kids would be awfully upset if this happened.

Here's hoping Yoda just spent the night with a feline friend, and awaits you in the morning at your doorstep.


Mel said...

It makes my heart hurt to think of anything happening to my Osie-cat. I'm so sad that Yoda's missing; let us know what's going on as soon as you know, okay?

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Yeay!! Thanks for the update. (I was just checking the post, on the off chance that you'd have an update on YODA, and looks like it paid off!) Now I can go on with my day :-)

Back to those interview questions now....wink wink.

Momish said...

I am so glad I read this post after the update!! I am so glad he is back and well. I am sure he will also be back to cuddling soon. Must have had quite an adventure though!

ablondeblogger said...

Sayre, I'm so happy for you!!!!! Thank God! What a relief!!!!

I hope Yoda's feeling 100% soon!


Groovy Lady said...

Ohh yay! I'm so glad he's back home! I didn't see the post prior to the update and I'm kinda glad for that. I arrived in time for the happy ending... which always rocks!

Hope he is back to his usual self soon!

Your ph balanced cousin said...

Very glad he made it back. Maybe he knows where the grass is greener now! But it's not likely he'll remember for long. He is, after all, a cat. I'm convinced the short term memory of a cat is even faultier than my own. On rare occassions my cat slips past the guards and makes a run for it. I usually manage to catch him within a few seconds but the last time he took off like greased lightning and disappeared for two days. Then, like Yoda, he showed up at the door and wanted in. He was hungry and scared. But a day later he was trying to slip out again anytime a door was opened.

Pendullum said...

So glad he is back...
Give Yoda a cuddle from me...

Janet said...

Ooh a lost cat story on Friday the 13th? I always wanted to put a little mini camera around the necks of animals like that, just to see what they do while they're gone.:)

swampwitch said...

Whew-w-w! I know the feeling when a fur baby is missing. Glad he is back home.

nikki said...

I'm glad he is home and safe. It's like losing a kid isn't?