Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What a Girl Needs

According to my recent spam, there are three things I need in life. Can you guess what they are from the list of "senders"?

1 - DatingCommunity; Love Happens; Over 30 Singles Site; Find Affection; Find Sweetheart; It's Time; Together Dating; Settle Down; Find a Mate; True Local Mate; Life Start; Over 30 Cupid Match; Smart Dating; The Love Date; Meet Your Mate; Be My Love; Find Romance

2 - Long Lasting Ink; Printer Ink; Reduced Ink Jets; Lowest Ink Jets; Order Ink; Buy Toner; Ink Jet Brands; Cartridges; Ink for Printers

3 - Mobile Ring; Amusing Ring; Cellular Rock; Mobile Tones; Rings 4 Mobile; Cell Tones

These all arrived within the last 4 days. I'm trying to think what I might have done to trigger this particular spate of email...

1 - Thanks, but I have a man. I'm going to keep him, so please stop trying to send me more. I only need one.

2 - Were you guys watching as I emptied my print cartridges doing the LOST CAT posters? Just how closely is BigBrother watching? I wasn't even online for that.

3 - I like my ring. It's different, inoffensive, and it came with the phone so I don't have to pay for it. Me like Free. And who doesn't like a drum solo?

I had to post about this because everytime I "organized" my incoming mail to dump those "senders" straight into the deleted file, a new one would show up with a different name. It's irritating as hell, but also kind of funny.

Anyone have any suggestions to eliminate this stuff?????


Patience said...

Sorry, but I'm afraid you'll just hafta deal with spam . . . forever! If you close down things too tightly, then important things get put in the spam file. If you loosen things up a bit, then some of the spam comes through anyway.

Besides, if we shut down all the spam, how would we know when the widow from Nigeria wanted to share her secret bank account worth $8.5 million?!? If we would only send her our checking account information!!

Jeff said...

Be glad that you don't "need" to do something about your erectile disfunction like I apparently do (according to my spam).

B said...

depends on what program and email you use, really, on how you "deal" with spam.

i use Gmail, i have found has a very good spam filter. but no matter what, if you publicly display any email address, it will get spam. filtering it into trash immediately or, as Gmail does, into a separate Spam folder so you can check it in case it filtered something you actually wanted, are the only methods of "dealing" with it. it will never seemingly end.

Me said...

I keep getting ones on how to increase my size to 3 more inches.
I think your's sound better.

Momish said...

I wish I knew. I try to use my "trash" email account for any online stuff and registering on sites, etc. It seems like the majority of spam comes via websites. My main email I protect like it was my SSN or something.

I hate spam! What I would love to know is if any of these email actually generate any type of revenue. Who would actually follow through on that stuff? How could it possibly be worth the effort for them in the end? Mind boggling!

nikki said...

That's all you get? I get flooded with penis enlargement and how to find a hot girl spams.

Janet said...

At least you don't need porn. I almost always seem to need porn. At least according to my bulk mail folder.:)

quinn said...

lol@janet...my bulk folder is always full of porn too..hahahhaha