Sunday, May 06, 2007

On the Line again!

Hi, everybody!!! Last night, we finally hauled the computer cart upstairs (and my dresser - no more boxes for clothes, hurray!) and this morning, I put the computer together. So here I am, amazed at how prolific ya'll's writing gets when I'm off line for a few days (okay - a week or so). I've got some serious catching up to do! And a few things to write about myownself.

But first, I wanted to respond to everyone who left such kind remarks wishing me and my knees well on my last post...

Jeff - intensive ice therapy got me off the cane. I'm still icing down every night since I can't seem to sit still long enough for things to heal up. I'm functional, but I can tell at the end of the day that I've been moving around too much.

Stepping Over the Junk, Quinn, Nikki, Apricoco, Patience and Stef - Grace has never been my middle name. It's actually "Catherine the Clumsy". Being English and all, we get some pretty odd middle names...

Alice - I am hoping that the brusing is temporary and won't require knee replacement. I'm sure I'll turn into a bionic woman before too many years are out, but I'd like to keep the real things for as long as I can!

Prime and Groovy - Family curse? Maybe. For the record, Darling Man has fallen twice! But he didn't tell me until the second time, when he thought he broke his foot. Not broken apparently, but he did dislocate a toe, which he pulled back into place himself (OUCH!).

Pendullum - nope. Didn't get to finish that bad boy - it went flying and Darling Man scooped it up and popped it into his mouth as he rushed to my side. Must have needed that extra sugar to help me up!

Christina and Me - The really ironic part of all of this is that I don't even really care for Krispy Kremes. I'm not sure why I was eating it in the first place.

Me - you're so nice! I'm hoping that thinner me will make an appearance this summer. With better knees.

Janet and Mermaid - The 10 years I lived in Wakulla, it was with a deck of Darling Man's design. It was ultra cool, but the proportions were very odd. Long, wide steps. I fell on that one a few times too, until I got used to it. And that's probably the problem here. I spent so many years walking on an abnormal deck that the normal-proportioned one is throwing me for a loop.

We're still moving. It's a slow process, but I've decided to do the other house one room at a time. We've got the necessary stuff here for living - the rest is just stuff. Including the piano, which I need to arrange to get moved ASAP. I've almost got the master bedroom cleared out - all the clothes and weird, still-unpacked boxes from the last move - including one that says "Stuff from under the bed. Monsters included." I have no idea what's in THAT one!

The windows are being replaced on Thursday and Friday of this week. Hurray!!!! Can't wait to have windows that actually work, and that will keep the heat from coming in. The upstairs gets pretty toasty in the middle of the day. I'll have more on-line time this week, so I'll catch up with all of you blogger-people soon!


Patience said...

Sounds like you're having loads of fun! But won't it be nice when you're done!

Absolutely get the pro's to move the piano. I called a piano store when we moved two decades ago and spent $70 to move ours two miles down the road (big $$$ back then!), but it was well worthe money!

nikki said...

*Love* the middle name! If only everyone had a middle name like that, life would be so much more interesting. Such as Bob "Gets Gas When Eating Beans James".

Kevin Charnas said...

Wow...sounds like SO much is going on.

Glad that you guys have moved though. In the long run it will be better, yes?

And oddly, I now have a craving for a glazed donut. Thanks a lot.

Jeff said...

I'm glad to see you coming around. Take care of "them" knees.