Tuesday, June 19, 2007

From my other blog...

Hi, everybody... this post is from my other blog Because I'm Fat. I'm posting it here too, because this is what's going on with me at the moment (other than having an extra kid here today... Z-boy's best friend is spending the night). Well, that and plumbing and trying to work from home. Never ends, does it?

Working it out

Tuesday. KenPo class. We did our calesthenic warm up and it was easier today than it's been in a while. Between the illnesses and injuries, I've been feeling kind of weak for a while... and trying to build up without overdoing it and re-injuring my knees, elbows or shoulders. While taking it slow and easy has been incredibly frustrating, today I got my payoff.

Yes, I was breathing hard. Yes, I was sweating like a pig. But when the warm up was over, I felt... warmed up. Ready to go on to the next part of class. Not like in the past where after the warmup I felt like I was done, I was going to die, that I couldn't possibly get through the next 45 minutes.

I was paired up with Lauren, who is also a yellow belt and we worked on combinations (basic), and then moved on to our KenPo's. We talked about the merits of working with a bag as compared to a person or air as we threw punches and blocked them. But when we got to Tiger Mouth, she balked. Technically, she knew how to do it, but in reality, doing it to an actual person is very hard. This is one of those things you can easily kill someone with (well, if you know what you're doing). And she didn't want to hurt me. I'm much better at falling than I used to be and I told her not to worry about it - just make sure when you tiger mouth me to strike my chest instead of my neck.

She was still nervous. So we called one of the instructors over and he let her do it to him. It took three tries before she got close, but she was feeling much more comfortable. And just so I didn't feel left out, he let me do it to him. I solidly put him on the ground twice and though my form wasn't perfect, he was down and not getting up.

SO. One more class before Saturday's test. All the instructors want me to test. I've been a yellow belt for 6 months now (we test every two to three months or so and I missed the last two due to medical stuff). I know the material, but I'd hoped to feel stronger physically before doing the test.

But perhaps that's what the feeling of today was. I AM stronger. I can do this test.My sweet, sweet husband has offered to be my partner for some intensive practice over the next few days. He's a purple belt, so he can take it. And he knows enough to correct my form if I'm seriously screwing it up. So, the keyword for the next three days is practice, practice, practice!

I had been dreading Saturday on some level, but I think that's gone now. I'm just excited. I want that orange belt!!!!


Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Sis!


Me said...

Hey Sayre,
ALLL THE v.v.v.best!!!!

nikki said...

Go kick the crap out of your hubby in practice! You CAN pass your test! (I say as I shake my pom-poms and do a little twirl)

quinn said...

You will do great!! I know it and deep down you do too!!

Work hard and enjoy the rewards.

swampy said...

You Go Girl...We'll be calling you The Orange Crush !