Friday, June 08, 2007

News from the Trees

I spotted our stripe-y tailed neighbor again today and trained a pair of binoculars on the grey lump that I keep posted by the back door now. Our gigantic he-coon is apparently a recent MamaCoon. She wasn't sleeping, but jerking her head strangely and doing an odd scrabble with her front paws. Turns out she was trying to simultaneously clean a baby and keep it from falling out of the tree.

There's a big hole in the tree right at the junction of that branch she was sleeping on the other day, which I'd previously missed, and apparently a whole raccoon family living inside of it.

The thought of watching baby raccoons growing up is just as thrilling as the idea of lemurs!


nikki said...

If you have a chimmney, make sure the sucker is capped or else you may find those cute masked bandits taking up residence with you! I evicted a family not too long ago.

Patience said...

Awwww! Little baby raccoons!!

And Nikki is oh so right! We had a very exciting time evicting a mamma raccoon and her tiny babies, but managed to do so with only a little psychological damage to the family.

Me said...

oh...i want to move down there..though i want a big city close by so i can escape to hordes of people too.
I was looking through your archives and one of them a photo of your office ... suddenly it made me smile because of the Pro-track.
Oh the number of times I have yelled at that system.
Thanks for the memory :)
And thank you so v.much for all your support and words of wisdom on my blog - it means a lot.

kuin said...

Hey there.

quinn said...

awwww cool babies! long as they stay out of your garbage etc. and keep an eye out for where they poop..they love window wells and places like that.

Mama C said...

Neat-o! The only wildlife we have are some birds. And they don't really live in our scraggly trees. Lucky you!

swampy said...

First, a thank you for stopping by my place for the last month or so. Blogging has taken a back seat to traveling and now to guests. Have fun watching the raccoons, but be careful not to let them invade your house.