Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Still Searching...

Being summertime, I am working at home more so I can be with my son. Today, I was working on the computer when he started yelling like someone was killing him:

MOM! MOM!! MOM!!!!

What??? What is it? Are you okay?!!!!


Can you still see it? Have you scared it off with all that yelling???


So I grabbed my camera and we went out on the back deck. Sure enough, in the tree I spotted a lemur in a couple of days ago, was a big furry gray lump with a stripe-y tail wrapped around him.


The display screen on my camera is small and I believe I may have mentioned before that my eyes really aren't topnotch, so I tried every setting on the camera and zoomed it in as far as I could and steadied it on top of a pole to get this picture.

Excitedly, Z-boy and I left and went to work, intending to show Darling Man our prize picture of the lemur taking a nap. Well, Darling Man's eyes aren't so great either and he couldn't see anything in that tiny screen.

Engineer to the rescue!!! One of our guys took my card and put it in a card reader he just happened to have at work and blew it up. Then he put it in photoshop and tweaked it a little (engineers LOVE tweaking). And this was the result:

Not a lemur

Oh. Not a lemur. A really, really BIG raccoon taking a snooze in the little greenspace behind our house. Well, he was cute anyway.

The search goes on.


As long as I was at the office, I decided I'd better show some face and print out some stuff. I handed Z-boy the camera and told him to go have fun with it. This is what he came back with:


I think this was shot through a dividing window. Very cool!

IMG_2325 IMG_2329
I love the clowns I work with. They're always ready to talk to or pose for my boy. But my boss keeps trying to Gator-ize him. Luckily, I think University of Florida is just as great a school as ours. Perhaps that's why I work so well with my boss?

I love turning him loose with the camera... I think he's brilliant.



Kim Ayres said...

For a moment I thought you'd moved to Madagascar!

nikki said...

It's not a raccoon, it's not a lemur, it's a lemoon!

Momish said...

While I was reading this I kept thinking, "But, but, she's in Florida??? How could that be?"

Racoon. That makes sense.

Janet said...

I know raccoons are scary in theory, but he is a cute little guy! I'm also jealous, on another note, that it's already summer for you!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

That's hilairous. Raccoons are fun too. I give my kids the camera sometimes. They mostly like taking pics of me or each other.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

I thought it was a lemur too...until the end. Raccoons are scary to me.

Still, it made for a cool picture.