Sunday, July 08, 2007

Animal Planet

We are outnumbered. But at least it's a peaceful planet...

There's lot of sleeping.

But there's also a lot of watchfulness.

Especially of this.

From both sides.
Progress is being made. Kita has been learning to behave herself. Both French and Tottie have spent time on the deck with her (warily and from a distance) both supervised and watched from the door. Kita's nose has been whacked a couple of times for being too inquisitive, but she's finally learning that it is not okay to chase the cats. We will know integration is complete when we come home from work and find them laying around on the back porch together. Until then, we keep an eye on things.

Misha is still spooked, but she comes downstairs now, and warily watches from behind the safety of the sliding glass door. She's not ready for a face-to-face yet.

In the meantime, she's letting us mere humans know that we work for her. Silly us. We thought we were making a diningroom last week.


It's really a kitty-cat playroom. I was wondering why the chairs seem to be pushed out all the time. Until this morning when I caught them taking running leaps and sliding the chairs out so they could paw at each other from the top of the table.



swamp witch said...

Cute, cute, cute boxers aren't nearly as tolerant of cats. That's why we don't have cats...Ah-choo !

Pendullum said...

How terribly cute!!!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I still am thinking of getting a kitty.