Thursday, July 19, 2007

The bunny lives

Another crossover post from my other blog "Because I'm Fat" - because this is where my head's been for the last couple of days. In a way it was a welcome distraction from recent events, but had me in a tizzy anyway.

So I've been a little distracted by other events in my life, when things finally start to settle down and it occurs to me... I was kind of expecting the monthly visitor somewhere around the 8th or 9th and nothing has happened. We're talking about over a week late, folks. I didn't have my tubes tied when I had my son. We always thought we might want another kid, but it never came to pass. And I couldn't go back on birthcontrol pills because of my age (37) and the fact that I still smoked at the time. Pretty much everything else is reliable if you use it correctly and everytime, which we do, but they still have a built in failure rate. Of course, we're pretty anal about birth control because at our age, you don't really want to embark on that adventure all over again. My husbandis 54. I'm 45. We're a little long in the tooth to be starting all over with little babies that will be young adults when we're in our 70s.

My mother asks, "Do you FEEL pregnant? Are you tired all the time? Eating differently?" Well... I am eating differently because I am choosing to do so. Yes, I'm tired all the time - but that's just me and summer. And no, I don't really feel pregnant. I knew three days in with my son, but not this time. "... well you know every pregnancy is different..." said Mom.

So I went off to get a test. Two, in fact. Took it this morning.


He LIVES!!!! For those of you younger than 35, that means I'm NOT pregnant.

Oh, thank God.

That really would have wreaked havoc on my fitness plan. No more KenPo for me. Now, I get to go to my classes and not worry about being tossed around and landing on concrete floors - well, no more than usual...


I can practice and practice... tonight, I went to class and we (Chris and I) ran through everything we had so far. A couple of suggestions from instructors and as we were leaving, Master Jerry said, "See you Saturday!!!! Come early so I can look at your one pinan."

That's right, folks... I am now healthy enough and sure enough of my material to test for my Orange Belt!

Orange belt

Wish me luck!

I can also feel fairly confident about pursuing my fitness goals. I get up each morning and walk the dog and work up a tremendous sweat while I do it.

dog walking

I swim in the hot afternoons. I have my classes twice a week and a bag to work on at home. I feel like I'm on track.

As for the other? As my father put it not-too-delicately, I am now a "lady of a certain age". Things are going to get unpredictable and I have to remember not to freak out (I'm allowed this one as it's my first really weird schedule upset). Will be going to the doctor soon though, just to make sure that that is what's going on.

In the meantime? Onward and downward!


nikki said...

You have a great fitness plan! Good job. Congrats on not being pregnant! (although I would have squealed with delight if you were.)

Nikki said...

Can I work out with you?

...and I'm happy and sad for you that you're not pregnant.

Sayre said...

You Nikkis are sweet. In fact, the whole idea of a little baby is sweet. I loved being pregnant and never felt healthier - but...
I also have a history of losing babies and having ZBoy as easily as I did was a little miracle. I'll take what I've got and wait a couple of decades to hold my very own grandchild, thank you. And you can believe that if any little ones pass my way, I'll rock and coo and make goofy faces at it as much as the mother might let me.

Until then, though, I'm working on making sure I'm around to BE a granny when the kid arrives!

Beccy said...

I'm tired just reading about your fitness routine.

Stephanie said...

Wow!! You go kick butt, baby!!

Jeff said...

Congratulations to you and Bugs!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Oh, in my case, with 4 children already, that scenario would not even be funny. But I can see you being a very cool "late in life" mom.

Your workouts sound awesome.


OneFullHouse said...

You are so dedicated Sayre! I am in awe.

I have no will when it comes to working out.

(babies are swee, but I too, think enough already!)

Love the drawings, worth 1000 words.


Rhea said...

I remember the rabbit test! Phew.