Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun Monday - Behind closed doors...

Fun Monday is being hosted by Amy W, that nosy, nosy girl!!! She wants to know what goes on behind closed doors.... closed refridgerator doors. This is what Amy W says:

Here is the assignment: We saw everyone's kitchen one week (just can't remember which week). Now I want to see INSIDE your refrigerator. And DO.NOT.CLEAN.IT.OUT. We want to see it in all its glory. However empty or full. And if you don't have a refrigerator? Show me your cooler, or whatever container you use to keep things nice and cool.

Oh, boy. I am not one for cleaning out my fridge very often - only when there's no room for anything else and nothing left in there is edible anymore... However, I went grocery shopping in the middle of last week, so I had to make at least a little room so the most gruesome stuff was removed to make room for future gruesome stuff.

This would be the "gateway" to what's inside...


And now, the interior:

IMG_2643 IMG_2644
We have several containers of leftovers. Spagetti sauce (behind the coke), Chinese food, a bowl of cheese grits, one raisin bagel, a fruit bowl that never got eaten yesterday when the in-laws were over for Sunday dinner, a couple of cans of Slim-Fast (breakfast on those days I can't stomach anything else), and Mudslides for when I can't stomach the world at large. Juice figures heavily in our fridge. Pomegranate/blueberry juice and anything with bananas in it to help with muscle cramping after we kick stuff. The beer belongs to Darling Man. And hiding behind all that is a package of fresh spinach.

IMG_2645 IMG_2646
Since things tend to get tossed in there willy-nilly, my hydrators are somewhat bare. Tomatoes, baby carrots, celery and cilantro make up the first drawer. Apples, an English cucumber, more carrots and celery are in the second drawer (guess I forgot I already had carrots and celery).


The Door of my fridge is reserved for condiments, eggs, applesauce and jelly. And whatever else we can't fit into the big part of the fridge.

As a bonus, here's a shot of my freezer!


Italian ices (sugar free), frozen chicken stock, pie crusts (for quiche), whole grain bread, chicken breasts, and uh, miscellaneous bags of ice. We put ice into the ziplocs and freeze our knees with them. Then we put them back in the freezer to use next time, only we never do - we get NEW bags and NEW ice, put them on our knees and then put them back in the freezer. Weird. I never really thought about that before.

Go visit Amy W and see the list of folks who are also opening up their refridgerator doors for your strange food voyerism pleasure!


mjd said...

I love your refrigerator artwork.

That is funny about the bags of ice. When he jogged, my husband used to freeze water to the rim in styrofoam cups. Then, he would ice injuries with the ice cup by running the ice over the sore area. As the ice melted, he would tear the of part of the cup. After 10 or 15 minutes, he would put the cup back in the freezer to be used again.

nikki said...

I'll take a beer too please!

swamp witch said...

theHansMan freezes jugs of water. When they thaw, they leak. What a mess !
May I come over for a Michelob? I can bring the chips and dip.

willowtree said...

Sweet, that's my kind of fridge! Food that can be eaten right away and alcohol, doesn't get any better than that.

Beccy said...

Everyone has such huge fridges and yours looks full of yummy stuff.

JennieBoo said...

I see some of the same items we enjoy in there.

We'll be over aroung 6ish for dinner. :)

Happy Fun Monday!

Julie said...

Your fridge side looks huge! Could I have an Italian Ice please? I love those!

ChrisB said...

I'm beginning to get a complex seeing all these beautiful large fridges. I see you said you had an 'English' cucumber !! In my ignorance I had to google 'Cilantro' = Coriander, I probably should have known that!! Sugar free Italian ices now that would suit embee as he's a diabetic! :)

Kaytabug said...

neat and tiddy... I'll come over for a mudslide! yum yum!!

Tiggerlane said...

You have to have one of the largest fridges of the week. And you tomatoes look kinda naughty like that...or maybe it's just me.

theotherbear said...

Wow I wish I had a big fridge. And a big kitchen for it to go in!

Joy T. said...

I've never heard of Italian Ice? Sounds and looks delish. And I'm sorry. I'm looking at the tomatoes tiggerlane mentions and I just see tomatoes. Maybe I'm just hungry. I'll come back later on with a full stomach and see if I see naughty :o)

Alice in Wonderbread said...

Hey Sayre:
What's the magnet say- the one on the upper left hand corner with the smiling 50s lady?

I have one of those on my 1972 avacado green fridge (which yes, even has fake wood paneling on the CRISPERS for crissakes). It says "Make yourself at home. CLEAN MY KITCHEN!"

What does your magnet say?

Pamela said...

Is that Oscar the Grouch on that shelf with tomato red eyes after a long night on the garbage truck?

He's be disappointed in your fridge. Looks like a clean machine.

Sayre said...

MJD - Aren't husbands funny?

Nikki, Swampy, Willowtree, Kaytabug - come on over - we'll party! And Jenniboo can help with dinner.

Beccy, Julie, ChrisB, Tiggerlane, and Otherbear - it looks big from the outside, but doesn't seem to hold much. Not sure why. I love that you can get ice and water without opening the door, though. I'm sure that takes up some of the interior room.

JoyT - Italian ices are lovely. These no-sugar-added ones are only 60 calories.

Alice - it says "I haven't had my coffee yet. Don't make me kill you."

Pamela - No-that's just my reflection!

susan said...

I think I need that magnet...especially now that I know what it says!

Um...the tomatoes? What am I missing?

Jeff said...

My fridge is full of tupperware type leftover things.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Is that just one fridge? You know, some people have more than one fridge (which I wish I did in my basement)

I gotta do this, this was fun to see in there!

OneFullHouse said...

It IS strange voyerism looking inside someone's fridge, but what a clever idea!!

Your fridge looks soooo clean, and organized, i am certainly not showing you mine.

PS- I just read that you weren't feeling well, so I'm sending you hugs and best wishes.