Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's a small blog world

I would like to thank everyone for their condolences to me and the immediate family of my cousin. It has been difficult. I barely knew them and yet spent a lot of time crying. Her family and his family have suffered a huge loss and it's going to be hard living a normal life for them for a long, long time.

Please continue to keep them in your hearts and prayers (as I do). And thank you so much for sending your support to them in this time of sorrow.

Also, if you are so moved, a trust fund for the kids has been set up at Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union ( Their last name was LeDonne. MySmile and Mac had one five (nearly six) year old son, and Mac had two daughters by a previous marriage.


ablondeblogger said...

Oh, Sayre, I'm so, so sorry. I feel bad I didn't know this was going on until now.

I will pray for you and your family. I wish I could do more. :(


Bittersweetmelodi said...

Is it okay if I save some of these pictures to my computer and use them on my blogs? Just wondering.

I also have a MySpace. I don't know if you do, but if so, add me:

I hope we can get together again...under happier circumstances, of course. Thanks for all you do.