Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School!!!!!

I thought this day would never come!!!! And I suspect that ZBoy didn't think so either.

Last night, we all went to bed early with alarms set for 6am. I got up, but let Z sleep another 20 minutes. He bounded out of bed, put on his clothes, made his bed and was downstairs ready for breakfast at 6:40.

Oatmeal, juice, pack the backpack, watch a little TV while I read the paper, shower and get ready for work myself. And 20 minutes early, we head for the bus stop.


Someone can't wait for the bus to arrive!

But he had to wait.


And wait some more...


After 30 minutes, I was getting concerned. The pick up time at the bus stop really left no room for being late without making the kids all late for school. So I put Z-boy back in the car and drove him myself.


He jumped out of the car, but I called him back for one last "back to school" picture. Then he took off for the front door. Oh, the excitement!!!!

Darling man and I took off from work early to meet the bus after school. We walked to the bus stop 20 minutes early. We had this same bus and driver (different school) last year and knew that she usually got the kids to the stop earlier than announced because some kids opted to not ride (fewer stops). So we waited. And waited. Neither one of us had thought to bring a watch or a phone, so DM walked back to the house to get my phone, then walked back (I was still waiting). The bus still didn't come. Ten more minutes and we were getting worried. FINALLY, it came chugging up the hill. When MrsG opened the door to let ZBoy off, she fanned herself and told us that there were a lot of kids who didn't know what bus to get on - and sorting them out took a while. I know this process will shorten up a lot in the next couple of weeks, so I'm not going to worry about it. I'm just glad I got my boy back safe and sound...


... and very happy!


min said...

Oh I want details!!! What did he do? Does he like his teacher. Does he know any of the other kids?
I'm so glad he had a good time!

Kuin said...

kewl...looks like a fun day by the smile on his way home.
Tell him I especially like his T-shirt..although you all knew I would lol...

My boys don't start school here until september 4th..but then again they didnt get out for the summer until end of June.

nikki said...

I can't wait for Ken's first day of school! I love first days. I think it's about all the new school supplies.

Anonymous said...

Sayre, your boy is so adorable. You must love him to pieces.

lisa's chaos said...

Oh your boy looks so excited! So glad he got off the bus safely and back into your arms. :) They always seem to be so happy when it starts and when it ends but the inbetween gets a little draggy.

HoosierGirl5 said...

There's that adorable Z-boy! You know I love his face!! What grade is he in?

I'm glad he had a great first day!


Anna said...

He's got such beautiful eyes!

Glad his first day was a good one. :)

ablondeblogger said...

School already?! Ack! I don't want to think about it!! All of our homeschool books have arrived and are staring at me...taunting me. Blah!

Kerith Collins said...

found you through fun monday and just looking around and my son started school this week (alittle late cause we moved here about 4 days before school was to start) and he was as excited as your boy. He loves to sit on our steps outside and the wait in the 40 degrees was about 10 minutes. I am glad to see my son isn't the only one who can't wait for school!