Friday, August 03, 2007

Getting back in the swing of things

we await your instructions

I can deal with employees like this!!!!

Got to actually go to work today. It was like a vacation... I find being home all summer with my son very stressful. Not only do I need to supervise him and make sure he's not spending his whole summer sitting on his butt in front of a video game, but have to actually put in my hours and do my job at the same time. It makes for very long days. I get up, work a little, spend some time with Zboy, take the dog and for a walk, feed the kid, maybe do something else, then plunk goes the kid in front of the TV and up to the computer I go to work until my eyes cross or Zboy starts whining. Then after everyone goes to bed (but me), I get to jump back on the computer and work some more.

It will be a relief when school starts again - only two more weeks to go!


Anonymous said...

I used to love the start of school. Summer holiday is waaaaayyyy too long for parents.

Anonymous said...

I get to go back next Tuesday the kids on Thursday.
For you I understand.
For me it is too soon.


ablondeblogger said...

Ugh....don't remind me! Homeschooling starts back up for break for me! (say that like the soup nazi, lol)

Momish said...

That photo is great! In a way I can feel your pain, however since my daughter is in daycare, the summer is same old, same old for us.

So, can you feel my pain? LOL!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I am loving summer but feel the same way. I work early mornings, eek in a little in between, be with the girls, TRY and work at night but so so weary bleary. School starts on the 28th for my older one and Sept 15 for the younger. I will miss summer but be ready for the change/time gained to work.

Jenny said...

Hailey goes to school year-round.

And for that I'm immensely thankful.

Kuin said...

Hey sayre...I am actually the opposite. I have always loved the summer and the boys home. NO dealing with homework lunches to make ..being able to let them set some of their own schedules of things to do.
Mostly they want to sleep late which is awesome!
I am dreading back to life is so much easier and calmer when my boys are home.

nikki said...

I can't wait for school to start too. Ken is starting to grate on my nerves!