Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting older is an itch

My husband told me about answering the phone today. He said he didn't know who it was, but this is how the conversation went:

DM: Hello?
Caller: Is this a person?

DM: Yes, this is a person.
Caller: Are you a woman?

DM: What? No...
Caller: Is there a woman there?

DM: Yes, but she's at work.
Caller: Oh, um, okay. Bye.

He hung up shaking his head, but couldn't get the conversation out of his head. It just didn't make much sense. He mulled and mulled about it and the lightbulb finally went on.

The caller wasn't looking for "a person". They were asking for Elise Epperson.

ADD-ON: I was sitting upstairs in my computer room and heard what sounded like people drag racing on our wet roads maybe a couple of blocks over. I was sitting here thinking how rude to be doing that when I realized that the drag racing sounded like... words. High school football season has begun and they were having a game at the school about 4 blocks away. I was hearing the loudspeaker.



Stepping Over the Junk said...

things start happening to us when we get OLD! ")

Anonymous said...

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ablondeblogger said...

LOL!! "Epperson" Too funny!

nikki said...

Wow, is Jacobmoore a spammer? If not, than he's a dedicated commenter.

Jeff said...

Is Elise there?