Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little bits of this and little bits of that

I don't actually have a real, coherent subject to post about... just little snips from my day.

1) You can tell who's a long-time resident in town by how they approach some of our intersections. Recently, the city changed a lot of the downtown one-ways to two-way streets. The old-timers only look one way when at a cross street. I've learned to watch for them. But I'm still constantly startled by people going "the wrong way" down an ex-one-way street.

2) I called my cousin up for lunch today. I had called her yesterday, but she was busy. Today when I called, I told her I was casual today and that she'd missed her chance to have lunch with me wearing "clothes and everything".

3) The golf course has the best burgers in the entire world. And french fries to match. That's what I had today - my last big, meaty hurrah before starting my intense weightloss quest tomorrow. Luckily, the golf course also has terrific salads and will make you salmon on request (but it's not on the menu). ALL for a very reasonable price!

4) I think it's a good sign that I'm lending my cane to a friend's mother. That means I'm fairly confident that I won't be needing it. Of course, I do have backups if necessary.

5) I took the smallest piece of chocolate tonight after dinner.

6) Pork loin is quite tasty when cooked on the grill (thanks for the idea, BB!).

7) Summer thunderstorms in Florida sometimes end in sunshine. There's got to be a name for when it rains like hell even when the sun is out. Sun-derstorm?

8) I am loathe to admit it, but I really like my Crocs sandals. Even if they are pink.

9) My baby boy, who's not such a baby anymore, is incredibly wonderful. He and his daddy hauled a bookshelf upstairs for me and set books in it and a little TV on top. They actually listened when I said what I wanted to do with that space all that time ago!

10) I am probably one of the luckiest women on earth. Darling Man, lovely son, gray hair and all.


swamp witch said...

Oh, I can relate to some of those...
lady turns into oncoming traffic and causes accident...tells officer that she's been turning at that corner everyday for the last 20 years and everyone should know that by now...I ate a small piece of chocolate, too...piece by piece until the whole 1/4 pound was gone...oink oink...I have Crocs. They are hot pink and I love them. In the winter I wear them with socks. I love it when the sunshines while it's raining. My grandmother always said that meant the devil was beating his wife. That always scared the Beejeebus out of me.

ablondeblogger said...

Good luck on the weight loss! WW cookbooks have some really good porkloin recipes in them, btw. :)

I've lost 15 pounds with their program so far and want to lose 10 more still.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Good luck with the weight thing. How was the chocolate? Describe it to me, please......

You ARE lucky.

Glad things are going well.


min said...

No chocolate for me today. I did taste an Egg McMuffin twice (once going down and once coming back up--I always forget those things make me so ill!)
The nice thing about those pink crocs is that you almost always can find them when you're looking for them!

nikki said...

I bet we can find you in the dark when you are wearing your pink crocs!

Yes indeed my friend, you are a lucky woman.

(I like to buy the pork tenderloin that comes pre-marinaded and then just slap in on the grill. Add some little red potatoes and fresh corn on the cob and that's what I call a fine meal. Dang-it, now I'm hungry.)

Stepping Over the Junk said...

#1 makes me laugh. Our town has weird turn lanes and strange intersections and you can always tell the tourists because they are always sitting in the middle of the intersections trying to figure out where to go. Or they turn from the wrong lane. Nothing makes sense in Massachusetts, much less our silly town here.

The New Parent said...

Hi S---I think when a town changes street directions---watch out (smile)!

Isn't it amazing how such an unusual looking shoe as the plastic Crocs became so popular?

Thanks for sharing.

Jeff said...

I love the freedom of just posting whatever! Good post.