Friday, September 28, 2007

Book report and bad conduct

ZBoy was confronted with the first book report of the year recently. He brought the instructions home three weeks ago. I asked him if he'd read them and he said "yes, Mom...".

He had to pick out a chapter book to read. He did. He picked Skylark by Patricia MacLaughlan. For those of you who don't know, this is the sequel to Sarah, Plain and Tall which was a highly successful Hallmark Hall of Fame movie a few years ago.


The book was devoured happily. He absolutely loved it and would read everyday until he was finished. Then he moved on to other things, completely forgetting that he was going to do a book report on it.

The report was due in Friday, so on Wednesday, I asked him how the report was going. I got a blank look for a few seconds before the lightbulb came on. Then there was the shamed admission that he hadn't done anything. I sent him to get the directions off his desk and he came down looking sour. Without a word, he handed me the sheet and I read the directions out loud. As it turns out, he has to write his report as the main character and make a posterboard costume to wear when he gives the report.

The main character is Anna Skylark. A girl.


There was much whining and complaining and I told him he could pick another book but it had to be something he'd already read. He said he didn't know any other books to do.

This is what comes of not reading the directions.

Darling Man and I told him he'd have to be Anna.

So he started writing the report (it's a fill in the blank form) rather grumpily, but then he started getting into it.


If you look closely, you can see tears glistening in his eyes. Poor baby, REALLY doesn't want to "be a girl".

When he finished the written part, we started on the costume. I drew a circle where his face would go and he did the rest.


Turned out pretty well, don't you think?

We did a rehearsal and all took turns wearing the costume and being Anna. ZBoy finally saw the comedic aspects of the whole thing and was actually quite excited to turn it in today. They do their presentations next week. I can't wait to hear how it went.

The dreaded Friday Folder arrived today. Before opening it, I checked Z's planner to see what homework he had to do. This is what I found:


"Complain to my mother"? I couldn't help it - I started laughing.

As it turns out, even after the conference with his teacher earlier this week, ZBoy came home with another "N" in his citizenship. We had yet another chat. He really, really wanted his video games back - and I'm sure not having any fun withholding them. So I relented for tonight (Kylee was coming over and I am tired of them fighting), but I also told him that if there was an "N" on there again next week, the video games were getting packed up and given to Goodwill. There would be NO turning back.


His bright shiny smile assured me that he wouldn't get any more "N"s on his reports; that I didn't have to worry about that, no ma am!!!!

All the same, I'll be looking for a box big enough for the console and the games...


kitten said...

Just asking questions from experience and want to try and help.
Is he getting a "N" in citizenship during a particular subject? It maybe because he is either bored with that subject because he's so bright or maybe he don't understand and he is strugleing with it. I have 2 that fit both and I had to sit down with the bored one and give him direction of why and the other had to have tutoring. Good luck! Hope I was helpful.

Beckie said...

Kudos to ZBoy for seeing the comedic aspect of the situation. That had to be a hard one to work through. I hope it goes well for him!

SwampAngel65 said...

Poor kiddo! A hard way to learn a lesson,but I give him credit for making the best of it. 2 Thumbs up!!! Hope he gets an "A" and no more "N"s :(

Anonymous said...

Hi S--I agree with Beckie. Sometimes humor is an important ingredient. I also hope all goes well (smile)!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

this is truly priceless.
You know, they made movies of Skylark. See if you can find them for him to watch sometime!

Liane Michel said...

How funny! Well I bet you he grows up to be one of the very few men who actually "read" instructions!!