Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In the Air

I stepped out this morning to get my newspaper and was greeted by lovely cool, dry air. It's the first hint of fall after a long, very hot and miserable dry summer.

Fall is my favorite season. Perhaps it's the feeling of relief after such oppressive summerness. The cool makes me feel more alive, more interested in everything, more energetic.

Like a deer in the wood, my nose is in the air, sniffing the breeze but I'm not coming out yet - Fall will tease me a bit longer before committing to staying a while.


Kuin said...

Well living here in canada...my favorite season is fall..It's crisp, it's clean ..the only downer is it is very short and then comes tons of snow and sub zero temperatures.brrrr

Serina Hope said...

ooh, I love fall. We don't get much of one here in Mississippi. But that slight hint of fall in the air and the not so hot perfect days are unbeatable.

Black Charity Witch said...

Avast me mateyblogbud. Ye be writin' like a landlubber. Keep it up, ye be walkin' the plank with a fine case 'o the scurvy.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Fall is the best.

Me said...

Totally agree. Fall is just gorgeous - in looks and feeling :)