Friday, September 21, 2007

My world today

After a most excellent day yesterday, today felt a bit of a let down.

Here are the reasons why:

1) Yesterday, there was the promise of a tropical depression/tropical storm in the air. The barometer was falling and while we don't need a hurricane, we REALLY need rain. Our area is nearly 16 inches below normal for this time of year and it's hurting. Today, we got weird misty rain for a short time this morning, then... nothing. Just clouds. Dang.

2) Yesterday, I got Zboy up and out the door to do his Champions program before school. He came home happy and eager to get to KenPo. He was a joy to be around. Today, the now-dreaded Friday Folder came home - with a request for parent/teacher conference tucked inside. Not once since school started has ZBoy come home with satisfactory behavior in citizenship or work habits. Today he actually got into a fight at school ("Not my fault! He pushed me, I pushed him back and he knocked me down!). Where is my sweet, obedient, happy little boy? Why is he suddenly being a problem? He's not telling me.

3) Yesterday, I stayed home and worked here. Ever since they "upgraded" my computer at work, it's been slower than Christmas when you're a kid and it's July. Just working on it irritates the hell out of me. My computer at home is MUCH faster and I can get things done without distractions, without phone calls, without co-workers wandering through. Don't get me wrong. I love my office and my co-workers, but when I'm pressing deadlines, I don't want to hear the latest scoop on so-and-so's surgery, your mother's diet, or how something got messed up when the problem's already been fixed. Today, I went to the office and all of the above happened, in addition to dealing with my crappy computer.

4) Yesterday, my muscles were pleasantly sore from an intense workout on Wednesday. I sat in the hot tub for about 20 minutes and they felt better. Today, my ankle is swollen and painful. I don't remember hurting it, but it's possible I did something to it while avoiding a cat on the stairs. Matt's coming tomorrow and I'm hoping that by icing it down tonight, I'll be able to work out hard tomorrow.

Good things that happened today:
It's Friday. I went out to lunch with my cousin and I was good! Salad, chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Then for dinner, Darling Man, ZBoy and I went to the Chinese buffet - and I was good again! And the new season of AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER begins tonight!!!! Whoo-hoo! We have been waiting forever for this. The death of a major character voice-actor (Mako) delayed the season, but it starts tonight!!!!


Alice in Wonderbread said...

Oh Sayre- what a heartfelt post. Regarding Z man, consult with dad. Z is entering a very odd and challenging age where, essentially, Lord of the Flies rules come into play and little boys in particular are subject to torment and trials by fire. Girls are too, but if you remember as I do, these trials are underhanded, devious, and passive-agressive. With boys it's outright physical test. Z is being a regular boy. I suspect your husband can talk to him and get some stuff straightened out.

Andy said...

I doubt that Zboy is the problem in the fight situation. Little boys fight. It happens. Furthermore, it is natural. Not a single one of your brothers has gotten to this point unscathed... often by your hand, if memory serves...
I'd be willing to bet that none of us STARTED the fights we got into. I know I didn't. I did my best to finish them, though.
It is part of growing up. It puts scabs on the knees and toughens us up. It also humbles us, on occasion.
Don't freak out about it too much.

Anonymous said...

What he said. Remember what you did to my right heel? I still have the scar.


kitten said...

Bless your heart! Sending lots of (((((hugs))))))) & Chocolate your way. Sorry, no advice, just remember this too shall pass.

Sayre said...

Thanks, ya'll.... It just seemed like a trying day.

John and Andy - yes, I well remember what it was like when we were kids. And it's because of you guys that I don't worry about ZBoy too much in the physical altercation area. I KNOW what boys are like. In fact I had to be a bit boy-like just to get by with you guys. ZBoy takes the KenPo so that he can deal with real bullies if he needs to and I'm okay with that. It's the talking during class, interfering with other children during class time, losing his supplies - all these things cause him to disrupt class regularly - and that's something that we cannot have. The pushing and shoving match was something he could have avoided and chose not to, which is what was so disappointing. Part of what we're tryingn to teach him is the ability to decide what's worth pushing and what's not. Some kid that pokes you in line is not worth getting into trouble for!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mamma, boys fight and another thing I'm convinced of is that school as we know it is not set up for boys. This is one of my pet peeves.

Teachers are not taught that boys and girls are very different learners. You'd think the education system would know this by now. Don't get me started.

min said...

Mako died? I'm sorry you've had a tough week...but...Mako died? Now I'm having a bad week.

OneFullHouse said...

I'm hoping you'll feel better now.

I didn't realize you guys needed rain so badly...

(i'm back now, thanks for pushing me, lol)

swamp witch said...

Swampy says, "Tomorrow is a new day. It will be better."
theHansMan says, "Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does."
Take your pick.
Hope you have a great week.