Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Ah, yes... it's that time again! This year, we managed to drag Halloween out for FOUR DAYS!

First up was the party at the dojo. ZBoy wanted to be a StarWars clone trooper. Since granddaughter K was going to be staying with us that afternoon, she came dressed up too! At first she was the "Corpse Bride", but then changed her mind. Now she is the "Bride of Darkness". Do not confuse the two! They may look a lot alike, but they are, like, TOTALLY different.

IMG_3027 IMG_3026


It didn't take long for the mask to come off! Granddaughter K won the costume contest!

After the party at the dojo, there was a block party in the neighborhood. And the next day, a Halloween carnival/fish fry at the church. All costume affairs. For the block party, the clone costume lost the mask, added a caving helmet with light, a couple of firearms, and a power rangers belt. For the carnival, the costume morphed again - this time into a miner.

But for the big day/night, ZBoy went in a totally different direction!

IMG_3068 IMG_3072
Say hello to the home-made Dementor costume! It really was quite spooky! Darling Man wore my hat and carried a cane to beat off the ladies...


StepK brough GDK over to trick or treat in our neighborhood. It was an amazing haul. Their final stop was at the snow cone man's house. This guy is from New Orleans and makes his own syrups. They have to be the absolute best snow cones in town. Apparently he does this every year for Halloween - next year I'M taking the kids around and Darling Man can stay home and hand out treats!
Work was not immune to Halloween Fever either. Our friendly neighborhood Yeti stopped by to say hello...

And you think you like ladyfingers for a snack?

You should try these!



Kuin said...

Happy halloween ..

love the pics!

so much fun ...
halloween just ended here.. we had a good time scaring the kiddlettes as usual..

thanks for sharing .

Alice in Wonderbread said...

awesome awesome AWESOME!!!!!!

:) Isn't halloween just the coolest. I can totally tell the diff between The Corpse Bride and the Bride of Darkness!! Miles apart....the Bride of Darkness calls the shots, whereas the corpse bride is simply following a mate. Way to go!!

Oh, The Joys said...

You guys look great!

karisma said...

Very Cool Costumes.