Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day Seven - Kicking it UP

I'm trying not to bore you all with the tedious (from the outside) details of writing a novel, but I want to keep you (the one or two who may actually be interested) updated as to my progress or lack thereof.

Here on Day Seven, if you follow the recommendations of 1667 words per day, the total word count should be 11,669 words by the end of the day.

I started out the day with 5737 words. I got up early and added 1350 words, bringing my total before going to work to 7087. Still woefully short, but I had to get some actual work stuff done today and lots of it, so I left it there and promised myself that I would get some serious writing in sometime over the next couple of days.

Did I tell you I bought this cute little thing called an AlphaSmart? It's a portable wordprocessor, which consists mostly of a keyboard and a four-line screen. Since it only weighs about two pounds, I carry it around with me in my work bag and pull it out to write little bits here and there like waiting in line at a drive-thru or waiting to pick up ZBoy from school. So I tapped on it a little here and there throughout the day and when I got home, I tapped in a little more. It also has a little word count thingy and when I wrapped it up for tonight, I ran the word count and I now stand at 9291! I managed 3554 words during the course of the day! I'm still not caught up - I'm still short by 2378 (and tomorrow, that goes up by another 1667!), but if I can have a couple of days like today, that deficit will disappear and I will be back in the black, word-wise.

The weekend is coming and I have already made plans to attend a write-in on Saturday afternoon. That's where all the local people participating can come together in the same room and write. Not socializing or partying - just writing. For me, it will be 4 hours of quiet time that is hard to find in my everyday life. There is always something ELSE that needs to be done. So I'm taking what I can get.

It's very exciting, actually. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to write stories but never had the time. I still don't have the time, but I'm doing it anyway. You've heard the expression: If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person. Hello - busy person here. Let's get this done!

I must confess though. After so much time sitting at a computer in one form or another, I'm starting to feel a little like this:


Sandy said...

Good job on the catching up! I love the picture. I am pretty sure that, proportionally, my butt is as big as that chipmunk's but not nearly as cute!

Anonymous said...

I want an AlphaSmart! What a cool thing to carry around. It's so exciting that you're writing. Are you going to post some excerpts when finished?

That little chipmunk is adorable. Where do you get these great photos?

Jeff said...

Wow, I am so proud of you. You are doing what I have failed at - lo these many years. Please suceed and be my inspiration.

Beckie said...

That picture is pretty darn funny.

If I came together with a group from my local area to write I would be the only one there.

karisma said...

Love that picture. Verrryyy Cute!

Keep chugging along, you can do it!