Friday, November 30, 2007


My sides hurt from laughing so hard....

You MUST go visit my brother at The Prime of Life and click on the link called JCPenney Catalog circa 1977 in the post called "Worth a Look".

If you were a sentient being at that time (which is debatable for some people who actually have memories of that time), you will also be howling with laughter.

I actually owned one of those shirts once - and it was my favorite. **blush**


Sandy said...

No wonder we're not scared now!

Anonymous said...

The 70's had to be one of the ugliest fashion decades ever. I don't know which outfit is the funniest. I think the man wearing the nightshirt is near the top of my list. Those matching He and She cowboy shirts are really groovy. I gotta admit I kind of like the woman's swim suit. I would wear it. I like her hair, too. Is that wrong?

Thanks for the good laugh Sayre.

Sayre said...

Um... the groovey his/her cowboy shirts are the ones I had. I really liked it too.

And I was thinking about those barrel chairs just the other day.

Andy said...

Imagine having been in commercials MODELING those sorts of clothes... Oh, wait, you don't have to imagine it, YOU LIVED IT!