Thursday, November 22, 2007

Two and a half Hours in Hell

ZBoy was invited to a birthday party last weekend. After much begging and pleading, I agreed that he could go. There aren't a lot of kids in our neighborhood at the moment (at least boys his age) and these would be kids from school, so I thought he might forge some stronger relationships by showing up. It was NOT Chuck E. Cheese, but a slightly more grown up version of the same idea.

First, pizza, presents, and cake in the "party" loft.

Then, "bumper boats". Notice the streams of water issuing from each boat. They come with built-in squirt guns. For some unknown reason, ZBoy knew about this particular feature and wore his windbreaker jacket in an effort to stay reasonably dry. It worked on the top part of him...

After everyone had had a chance to dry off by driving go-karts around a track for five minutes, the kids headed inside to gaze into electronic boy-heaven. Especially this version - the motorcycle racing game with a real motorcycle to sit on.

Realistic graphics...

And a realistic attitude.

All he's missing is a helmet and traffic. Sigh. They grow up so fast.

I was very happy to get out of there though. The noise was incredible. The mothers had to shout across the table to be heard above the din. At least Chuck E. has the advantage of some carpeting to dull the roar. This place was concrete block with polished concrete floors.

Next time (because you know there will be one) I bring ear plugs.


Liane Michel said...

Eventually you will join the ranks of moms who drop their kids off at these parties and pick them up after they are over. :)

Sandy said...

When I only read the title, I was afraid that you were referring to your Thanksgiving holiday! This was much better!

Dad said...

Christopher Hitchens needs to read this, then he will revise his ideas about heaven and hell.