Thursday, December 06, 2007


In a couple of days, I'm going to write a post about the transition to digital TV from analog TV. Since I work for PBS, and PBS is at the forefront of this particular technology, I know quite a lot about it. We were talking at work today and I mentioned that I might do a blog post about it. I was then asked if I would mind having my blog post published in our local paper. So if you've got a question, ask it. I will answer it in that post.


Me said...


karisma said...

Ummmm....Errrr! Ohhhh.

So how's the sinus going?

nikki said...

Don't have any questions, but I think it's awesome that you might published in the newspaper!


Prime said...

OK, I'll bite... two general interest questions:

1) The original deadline to be weened off analog TV was several years ago. Obviously, it didn't happen. What gives?

2) ...which may be sort of an answer to 1: What is being done to make the digital technology more readily available and affordable to the general public?

Anonymous said...

At what point will Channel 11 go dark and PBS be available only on a special set? or do I just buy a gerbil box anda I can watch on my old TV? And just in case, are you going to stop using the old 4:5 aspect ratio and go wide screen. In short, do I have to buy another TVpretty soon?