Sunday, December 23, 2007

The first day of Christmas

Family being far flung with various jobs that make getting it all together difficult at best, we celebrate Christmas when the most people can show up at the same time. Originally, that was going to be Christmas Eve. Then it moved to Friday. A meeting moved it to Saturday. Said meeting was then cancelled, but we kept it to Saturday anyway.

The Players:
IMG_3241 IMG_3242
Patriarch and Matriarch preparing the feast...

IMG_3246 IMG_3245
Nephews providing musical entertainment and recovering from the feast.

IMG_3247 IMG_3251 Matt and Sharon
Brothers preparing to consume feast - Jerry, James, Matt (and Shar - who bounced)

And John, exhausted from endless meetings and traveling.

Of course, Darling Man and ZBoy were there as well.

After the feast, people repaired to various pasttimes. I don't believe I have a picture of nephew Gareth without some kind of musical instrument in his hands.


We all went out to put the chickens to bed....

IMG_3257 IMG_3255

and visited the newest members of the clan...


We all took turns holding some of our new sisters.

IMG_3259 IMG_3261

And ZBoy held his first chick ever.


After fondling baby chicks, we went back to the house for presents!!!


IMG_3275 IMG_3268


Finally, we repaired to the kitchen to survey the damage...

IMG_3286 IMG_3284

and engage in a little communal grooming.

IMG_3287 IMG_3288

Missing in action?

Maggie and Andy. Both had to work and couldn't be here for Christmas, but luckily for us, Jerry had a birthday a couple of days ago and Andy DID make it down for that!



Birthday Boy Jerry

JBday1 JBday4
Celebrating another year of life at the Olive Garden! Happy Birthday, Jerry!


Anonymous said...

"Brothers preparing to consume feast - Jerry, James, Matt (and Shar - who bounced)"

"Who bounced"?
I beg your pardon?


Sayre said...

You have to read the "Holiday Fare?" post to get it...