Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lots 'a' Stuff

LOST: One grey sweatsuit jacket, zippered with pockets and hoodie. Not much to look at but it had a $5 gift card from Starbucks in the pocket, which is what really pisses me off about losing it.

FOUND: One rusty wheelchair with broken wheel. This is my fault. We were driving around the neighborhood looking for Christmas lights when I spotted aforementioned found object on someone's trash pile. "Oh, look! Someone's tossing a wheelchair!" I said stupidly. Of course, we didn't hear the end of it until the thing came home in the back of Darling Man's truck at Zboy's behest.


I have no idea what he thinks he's going to do with it. I imagine that at some point, after his consciousness of its presence diminishes, I will take it to work and deposit it in the dumpster. Next time, I will keep my trap shut.

MEET STEVE: Darling Man and ZBoy are definitely getting into the holiday spirit. Last weekend, they brought home Steve.



It's not quite a Charlie Brown tree, but it spoke to ZBoy and he insisted that this was our tree. With the arrival of Steve, there was a massive hunt for Christmas ornaments, which necessitated our making more headway in the garage. We looked and looked and moved boxes and cleaned and unpacked - only to find that they'd been stashed in the shed outside. Oh well. Details to follow on Fun Monday.

CALL STACY AND CLINTON QUICK! IT'S AN EMERGENCY! That last cold front that moved through our area kicked up some nasty stuff. Not realizing how bad it would be, I didn't start snorting Astelin in time and wound up with a big lump where my sinuses used to be. The main effect of this besides a headache is feeling incredibly spacy. I had to go to work today, and did so with minimal effort. I figured that if I was dressed enough to stay warm and not get arrested, I was doing okay. Apparently not.


My friend Kelly walked in and asked me what, if anything I was wearing, actually belonged to me. Well, the doo-rag is mine. The t-shirt with the fish and "reel thrill" written on it is mine. The flip-flops are mine. Everything else was Darling Man's. She sat down and shook her head, "Sayre, Sayre... what am I going to do with you? Get that man to give you a gift certificate somewhere nice - you need some new clothes!!!" I replied that I had just bought some new jeans from Goodwill, thankyouverymuch and she GROANED. "Used clothes??? Buy something new for once, will 'ya?"

Sure. Spend money I don't have on stuff I won't wear. When all this excess me is gone, I'll be happy to go out and spend money on real clothes. Until then, Goodwill is good enough for me.

By the way, I usually DO look better than this...


Liane Michel said...

Great biker look. Love the doo-rag.

By the way, flip flops in this weather???

Oh, and there is nothing wrong with Goodwill, but Kelly is right. You should splurge on something new. It won't cost that much more than Goodwill and it will give you energy. You deserve it!

The New Parent said...

Hi S--what, you don't think you look so good (wink)?

Sandy said...

Believe it or not, the 75% off rack at Dillard's will net you clothes for less than Goodwill!

Thanks for the chuckle.

nikki said...


1. I laugh at your cold weather.
2. I am coming to Florida to take you shopping. I can rock the thrift stores.
3. I am still laughing at your cold weather.



Jeff said...

Fun post - except for the sinuses and the lost gift card. Made me smile, though (except for the sinuses and the lost gift card). :)

karisma said...

Ok. So I was not even looking at what you were wearing. I was looking for the sinus evidence and thinking Oh well you could always play Rudolph in the Christmas play. But the nose looks fine and the clothes just look like you are about to get creative. You are aren't you?

PS. Love the Bandanna. Very cute.