Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the season for...


My brother James is coming home for Christmas! He was here a few weeks ago when he got out of the hospital (pneumonia), and now he gets to come back for the holiday! Hurray!



Isn't he cute?

Also arriving, brother Andy, brother John, and John's three kids. Jerry and Matt already live here, so we will ALL be here this year!


We have made some lifestyle changes - given up a few things that make it difficult to hang with some of our regular friends. Luckily, when these things are explained to them, they are very supportive and understanding. We are lucky to have the kind of friends that allow us to change our lives and STILL be friends.


When French returned, we didn't really hold out much hope that he would continue to hang out at the house. His habit is to come, eat, get pets, disappear again. With the advent of below freezing temperatures this week, French has actually spent the last two nights sleeping on our bed. Last night, he laid on the couch next to me while I read, and the dog kept coming over and checking him out - very intrusive and nosy. He just laid there and let her do it. This is a radical change from their previous relationship, which I believe may have been the reason he took to disappearing for long. French and Kida are now friends. Thank goodness.

And of course, Kida's BEST FRIEND is Misha - who believes that Kida actually belongs to her.




Need I say more?


Liane Michel said...

How freaky to see James grown up! I think the last time I saw him he was a baby.. or no wait, he was maybe 8.

Sayre said...

Yeah - I'm still getting used to it myself (I was gone so much when he was growing up). He just turned 28 last Friday!

nikki said...

Your brother?!?! Is hot!

I can't believe how big Zboy is getting!


SwampAngel65 said...

Your brother is the best looking thing I've seen all day! Dang!!!

But...the pic of Zboy is the cutest! I just want to pinch his cheeks...LOL!

karisma said...

Yeah, your brother is kinda cute (he looks like my uncle) but Zboy wins hands down in the cute comp. He is just adorable.

I.A.M.L. said...

Zboy is soo big. He looks like such a good kid, with a hint of mischief.

your brother looks like Keith Urban.

'Nuff said there.

Anna said...

Your brother = me likey ;)

I'm 28 too, we have something in common already...

Nona said...

So you are the only girl in a family of boys. How Cool!!! We are a family of girls. I always wanted a brother but after I did not turn out a boy my parents gave up.

James is Hottttt!!! If I weren't so old and had my own James, I'd be angling for an introduction. ;p