Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yeah.... I got nothin'


Every year, we get a week off between Christmas and New Year's. And it doesn't come off our vacation time.

It sounds absolutely wonderful on the surface, but between pledge, which goes from the weekend after Thanksgiving to the middle of December and getting ready for the week off, work has me dancing like a tired puppet at the end of a string.

For me, getting ready for Christmas doesn't even START until the middle of December. If it weren't for Darling Man and ZBoy, there would be no Christmas cheer decorating my house at all. They went out and got the tree, then decorated it. They hung the lights outside. It looks nice and is lovely to come home from after a walk in the dark.

But I'm the card-lady. Christmas cards, the yearly newsletter, the planner - that's me. Fair warning - if you are someone on my list for Christmas cards, you probably won't be seeing one until after the new year. I'm not sure why I try to do this every year. It's a frustrating exercise for me that winds up creating a lot of stress because I'm trying to get all this work stuff and shopping and such done as well. I did a lot of email stuff last year, but even that requires some effort and time that I just don't have right now.

Christmas is going to be lean this year. I'm not buying gifts for anyone but my boy and my granddaughter (other family members take note - I don't want any gifts this year either. I already have plenty of stuff and I'm trying to get rid of some of that!). I joked with my mother that the only thing I want for Christmas is a reciprocating saw (I am my father's daughter), but honestly, I don't need it and when I do, I'll pick out my own.

I am not Scrooge. I love the Christmas season, the love and cheer that goes with it. I love going to church around Christmas - it brings a sense of peace like nothing else. But the commercialism of the holiday is wearing me out as much as everything else. And I can choose not to let it do so.

So I will.


Sandy said...

Good on you! We are also having a lean Christmas this year. I am thnking of calling it minimalist...what do you think?

Remember to take the time to enjoy... and how lovely to come home to those lights.

nikki said...

I wish my family (aka my mom) wouldn't go so nutz over Christmas. I'd much rather have everyone pool their Cmas money together and adopt a family.


Anonymous said...

Hey're getting the saw. As to the rest..chill!!!!!!Nobody died for lack of a Christmas card. Personally, I send an entertaining email--of course you blog daily--so who needs a card?

Anonymous said...

Hi S--that is one of the cutest, funniest photos I've seen of a cat (smile)! It looks like he's just about had it.
And who can blame him---a cat's life is rough.

karisma said...

Im with you. Xmas has become such a commercial time its taken all the fun out. We have been trying to cut down each year and are getting better at it, but I would still like to cut down some more for next year.

We had hoped this year to make gifts for each other rather than buying them. But life got in the way and I only managed to "make" one gift. The rest were once again bought. (I can't wait to see the look on my sisters and daughters faces when they open one of the gifts though. As I bought them kits that they will have to "make" themselves.)

Well it is the thought that counts, right?