Saturday, January 26, 2008


Welcome to my 600th post! Hard to believe I've been doing this long enough to have 600. That's just on THIS blog. I have that whole other blog that I post on too. Can you say "verbose"?

My friend Kelly came over today - we were going to get that darned bathroom DONE! I had a medicine cabinet to hang, a new light fixture, new towel rods/hooks, new TP holder - it was gonna look smashing! However, like every other project I've begun (and this particular one has been "in progress" for quite a while), things began to go wrong almost as soon as we started. Getting the old 1970's globe light fixture down was easy enough. Then we decided to move the wire which had been sticking out of the wall in an odd place and put it back up higher on the wall where it made more sense. I cut out some of the drywall to make this happen. Then our patch wouldn't take. I fixed the wall around where the light would go, but there's still this big hole where we moved that wire. Then we got the new light fixture put together and ready to go up - got it up, wires twisted together and then tried it with power. Bang! The breaker tripped and the lightbulb died. Shoot. We followed directions and everything. Kelly's gonna get her buddy John The Electrician to come by tomorrow and see what we did wrong. Darling Man will probably feel better if a real pro looked at it than he would if Kelly and I kept bumbling around...

At least we got the medicine cabinet hung. We wanted to feel like, after an entire day at this, we'd actually accomplished something. That was actually pretty interesting too, since I had patched the original holes in the wall with metal plates. Guess where the darn thing had to attach to the wall? And of course we couldn't find the drill bits, so I used a little ingenuity, a nail and a hammer and punched a circle of holes, then punched it out. Viola! Perfect sized hole to put the wall anchor into!

We also attached hardware to the cabinet doors, but didn't put them back on. It's easier to change out a faucet if you're not fighting doors too. The screws I bought to replace the drawer pull screws, which were too short, are too skinny. They won't hold the knob on. Which is weird, because I TOOK the knob with me to buy longer screws and they worked in the store!!! I'm still scratching my head over that one.

I just want this to be over soon. I am SO TIRED of working on this bathroom!


Sandy said...

Somehow the simplest projects always seem like the ones that end up kicking our butts!

I hope the electrician finds something simple and cheap and that the rest of your project goes easily.

karatemom said...

christmas 2006..we purchased coat hooks etc for our front closet area..its very small and with having a rail and hangers for coats we find it comes out from the wall too far...we thought hooks for coats would be best.
Well we just passed chritmas 2007 and are now in the year 2008..and the hooks are still sitting on a shelf in the hallway and we are still complaining about the coats at the front door.!!!

mjd said...

Congratulations on the 600th post. I am a long way from 600. When you finish your bathroom, could you help with ours? Both of our bathrooms need work...I bet your answer is "NO!!!" I will have to get busy to keep up with you.

Sayre said...

MDJ - I still have two bathrooms to go!

Anonymous said...

"I TOOK the knob with me to buy longer screws and they worked in the store!!!"

How many times have I said that?! LOL

I'm so impressed with your home reno skills.