Monday, January 14, 2008

Things are happening

Yes - it would appear that I have broken a blogging promise. One that I hope shall be rectified tonight.

Yesterday, I got all my new stuff out, put together my new computer stand and got it all hooked up. Read lots and lots of directions.

Damn Vista anyway.

Most of the PCs come loaded with Vista now rather than "Windows". In the great CompUSA sell off, I bought myself a nice, flat-screen Samsung monitor to go with my sexy new computer.

Guess what? It doesn't work with Vista unless you download something off the internet. Say WHAT? How am I supposed to download something I can't even see?

Thank goodness Ron is back. I brought my computer in to have Vista removed and XP installed. My new computer is lovely - but it doesn't do me any good if I can't see anything on it!

Update: Ron is swamped - it may be tomorrow night before I can rejoin the blogging world...


Cordie said...

Ah, Vista. I have that on my work computer. Words cannot express my loathing for it. It doesn't work with *anything*!

Sandy said...

I know that hootin'anni had the same problems with her new computer but I think she got guidance and fixed 'em herself. Maybe she could help.

Nekked Lizard Man said...

Sorry for your computer pain. I made a big decision on the 31st of December (tax write off you know) to buy a new computer, and due to reading Vista's les than sterling reviews, I decided to buy a IMac - first one ever. If you visit our site, you'll see my post around the 31st or 1 Jan about it. I love it so far, but there is a big learning curve of a 20-year PC guy. Good luck and hope you'll survive the patches.... Nekked Lizard Man - by way of Fun Monday.

karisma said...

Hmm, I don't use either of them. We have been using Linux for years. I found it a bit strange at first but its actually quite easy to use and its FREE!

Jeff said...

I am getting ready to buy a laptop. I hope Vista is better than the reviews I am seeing here!

Liane Michel said...

So sorry about your PC woes. I have not heard anything good about Vista so I hope things work for you.

I am a Mac person as you know... have used them since the early 80s.

Macs rule.