Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The A-List Bloggers

I visit a lot of blogs. Some for the fun. Some out of habit. Some for inspiration.

Over the last couple of years (yeah! I've been doing this for TWO years now!), I've seen bloggers come and go. Some I miss; some I don't really think about again - and there are others who have touched my heart and/or my funny bone and I can't imagine life without them.

Somewhere in the past week, I stumbled across the phrase "A-List Blogger" in someone's post. That phrase stopped me cold, because I have no idea where I read it or who said it. I started thinking about "A-List Bloggers" and what they might be.

Are they bloggers who get LOTS of comments?

Are they serious writers whose every post is a masterpiece of an essay?

Are they professional photographers who post beautiful pictures for everyone to oooo and ahhhh over?

Are they simply bloggers who go and visit everyone they can think of, then wait for them to come back?

Do they fall into a category? For instance, I could be considered a "Mommy Blogger" or a "Writer Blogger" or even a "I'm gonna shoot myself if I don't lose weight! Blogger". And which category qualifies you for the A-List?

Maybe they are the bloggers who have awards plastered all over their sidebars - or even have an award named after them! That's gotta be rockstar, right?

I don't know.

I think I may have a different standard for A-List Bloggers.

To me, an A-List Blogger feels like some one I'm sitting down to have coffee with. Over for a chat. Talking over the fence. They share themselves and their lives (with safety and privacy in mind, of course) and you feel like if you ever actually met, you'd be friends. Friends are a mostly constant presence in your life.

Some bloggers write some amazing stuff, but the entries are so few and far between that unless you have a reader service of some sort, it's easy to forget they're even out there. After a while, you get tired of clicking on their link and finding the same post that's been there for the last six months.

There are other bloggers who get so many comments that you start to feel like yours won't mean much, so you stop commenting. It's like they've moved on into a rarified atmostphere where you can't breathe because it's so high. They actually become famous! And when the interaction stops, you don't go there much.

I have my own A-List. Those lovely people that I read everyday, make comments to, and get replies or visits back from. And really? That's the criteria as far as I'm concerned. If you want to share a cup of coffee and a chat, link on over!

I think most of you know who you are.

I don't hand out awards or even pass on memes very often, but if I'm showing up in your comments on a regular basis - you're on my A-List!


karatemom said...

wow ..you summed up how i feel a lot of the time. :)

Sandy said...

Very true, Sayre. Very true.

Me said...

Hear! hear!

Beckie said...

I know what you mean.

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

I know exactly what you mean too....I read some "A-list" blogs and I jsut feel to imtimidated to comment!

Oh and I've ordered your books so will e-mail you when they arrrive!

karisma said...

Here here!

lisa marie said...

This is a great post. :) I love it and feel the same. :)

nikki said...

Dude, I drink coffee with you everyday if I could. One of these days, I will get to Florida and we will cause some serious trouble together.

Anna said...

Yeah, I get that, especially about the blogs where it's intimidating to post.

There are a few blogs that I read but never comment on because there are always like 20 people who got there before me and said much cooler/funnier/cleverer things than I would have done. I don't feel like I'm contributing so I don't bother.

I guess I'd kind of like to have a blog like that, a "popular" blog. But on the other hand my blog is for me and my friends, and I like it that way. I don't want my friends (blog friends or real life) to feel like they can't comment!

Not that my blog could ever be like that anyway, lol!

Anna said...

Not that I mean that my blog friends aren't "real"... hell, you know what I mean!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

My mom says I'm A-list but I'm pretty sure she just says that because she's my mom.

PS. I totally agree. A-list = someone I feel like I could sit down and drink a cocktail with. I include you in this list.