Friday, February 15, 2008

Have I mentioned that I love where I work?

It's not your usual office, that's for sure. Pretty much, we take almost any excuse to get together, bring food, and laugh a lot.

We get together and go to movies. Sometimes, we bring our moms. A couple of weeks ago, we went to see "27 Dresses" and three moms made it! And we went out for Mexican afterwards.

Another thing we do is a Book Club. Everyone submits book ideas and we vote. Then we have about a month to read the book (then our meeting gets delayed by another week - it ALWAYS happens), and finally, the day is set to discuss the book.

We meet at lunchtime and everyone brings a book-themed dish. This can get interesting and doesn't always make for a well-balanced meal.

Our book for this past month was "Choke" by the same guy that wrote "Fight Club". Basically, it's about a sex addict and his 4th step journal where he writes down EVERYTHING he's done. Almost right from the start he's saying You don't want to read this book... and he's right. But after you are about half way through, you realize that there are things to think about here. Nature vs. Nurture. How easily people can be fooled. Lots of symbolism. Love of friends. Love of family. What consitutes family. That sexual addiction is in no way sexy.

Of course, there was also plenty of joking during the discussion - and the jokes carried over to the food. You would have to read the book to understand the choices, but I opted to make Swedish Meatballs.
Making Meatballs Swedish Meatballs

The menu was mostly meat... fried chicken, chicken salad, swedish meatballs, mini corndogs, pigs in a blanket (because the man was a pig and he never did it in a bed). There was also dessert - little cupcakes, chocolate cake, and a pudding pie with strawberries.


But mostly, no matter what the book is, we laugh. I always remember mid-meeting that I should NOT wear mascara on book club days. Napkins are invariably used for wiping eyes and noses after helpless laughter.

Book Club

I can't wait to meet again next month!


Sandy said...

That looks like such fun! I probably will not read that book, but the club looks like such

lisa marie said...

It is so great to love where you work and the people you work with. :)

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

That sounds such fun!!