Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Anna asked, in response to my "Crazy" post, which Kyrie. Now Anna is in a choir and sings heavenly music, literally. While I love music like that, my everyday taste is a little more common. Like this particular "Kyrie". I drew a blank as to who did it when I wrote the post, and it was so late at night that I didn't want to spend time looking it up. Turns out it was Mr. Mister.

I found their music video. It was pretty awful, but if you closed your eyes, you could still hear a song about a person searching for himself. Then I found the live-in-concert version. Not nearly so weird, and actually quite uplifting. So I share it with you.


Anna said...

Oh THAT one! I remember that!

I had wondered if you meant something choral... there are loads of them because Kyrie Eleison is part of every Latin mass (means "Lord, have mercy" in case you care). Most requiems seem to have one too.

I think Kyrie would be a nice name, but you'd keep having to tell people how to pronounce it.

Sandy said...

That's funny. We just sang the "kyrie" at Mass last night. I also spent 12 years in Catholic schools back in the day when the Mass was still sung in Latin.

But this, the Mr. Mister song, is the one that popped into my head when I read your first post and the one that is in my head!

Anonymous said...

Anna: Voice of Experience speaking here: Kyrie sounds nice, but is vaguely blasphemous. It's essentially naming your kid "Lord" without any modifiers. Kyrie Eleison is difficult to pronounce for anyone not familiar with the term, and there are very, very few last names that go with it. As a middle name, the phrase constantly gets lopped off into just Kyrie (see 'vaguely blasphemous' above) for official documents such as passports and drivers' licenses.